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Oracle Desktop Virtualization is on a Roll!

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It's an exciting week for Oracle desktop virtualization! First, we won the two awards I mentioned in yesterday's post, which we couldn't be more proud of. And today, we have two brand new releases to tell you about!

First up, we're answering probably the number one question we've been getting for the last year or so: when can I access my virtual desktop on an iPad? The answer is, right now!

That's right, the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client is now available for the Apple iPad.

What does this mean exactly? Well, it means any virtual desktop managed by Sun Ray Software or Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can be accessed directly from your iPad. Not only that, you can freely move that virtual desktop between any of our supported devices (this includes all Sun Ray Clients and the growing list of platforms for the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client). It includes some great features for security with VPN support, and gestures to make navigating a full desktop easier on a touch-based device.

Here's an example: say you work in a healthcare environment and have a Sun Ray Client at the nurse's station. You can login to your Windows (or Solaris or Linux) virtual desktop from that Sun Ray Client and access whatever applications you have access to. You can then grab your iPad, go to a different office, and pick up your desktop right where you left off. Or if you forget your iPad, you can login to your virtual desktop from pretty much any PC in the office. It's really amazing stuff.

Another great example is for contact centers. Each year, many contact centers have to increase their capacity by a large amount to deal with the holiday buying season, but the setup time for adding new workstations for each agent is very costly. This year, those folks can be given iPads and then immediately access applications like Oracle's Siebel CRM without even needing a PC or monitor.

For the last example, I was at an Oracle function in the UK a couple of weeks ago where one of our sales consultants gave a presentation running on his Windows virtual desktop in his office in Australia. That's about 10,000 miles away, over a WiFi connection in a hotel. And it worked great.

Now that good quality access is available almost everywhere via WiFi or 3G, having a centrally managed desktop that you access from wherever your are is a reality. And with the performance and security of the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad, I know we'll see more and more people adopt this truly mobile way of working.

The second thing that's being announced today is the latest version of our Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure product. This software contains everything you need to setup a VDI environment, including management tools, a high performance hypervisor to run the virtual machines, and access via Oracle Virtual Desktop Client compatible systems and Sun Ray Clients. The latest release includes role based administration, a streamlined installer, better performance, support for more platforms and virtual desktop environments and more. Have a read through the press release.

And as always, for the latest updates on the Oracle desktop virtualization portfolio (and Oracle virtualization in general), be sure to follow us on Twitter:

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Lenz Grimmer Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    Nice blog post! Kudos on releasing the app. By the way, the correct URL to the Twitter page is https://twitter.com/orcl_virtualize

  • ultan Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    Nice, will get that app right away!

    I get an error when I try to follow @orcl_virtualization, as you say. It should be @ORCL_Virtualize I believe.

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