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New Smart Card Features for Oracle Desktop Virtualization

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Sun Ray Software 5.3 and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3.4 now include a completely new and improved smart card software stack for Sun Ray 3 Series Clients and clients installed with Oracle Virtual Desktop Client 3.1. The new smart card software stack allows end users to quickly and easily login to their virtual desktops and applications, and offers users an even more secure virtual desktop environment by providing the capability of using two-factor authentication - what you have (your smart card) and what you know (your PIN). Some partner products can also add biometric authentication in conjunction with PIN authentication, thus providing three-factor authentication, making Sun Ray Clients one of the most secure virtual desktop thin client solutions in the industry.

The new smart card software stack allows administrators to easily deploy smart card solutions with Sun Ray 3 Series thin clients or Oracle Virtual Desktop Client on PC, Mac or Linux desktops in their environment.

The Sun Ray Software and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure smart card software stack is one of the most versatile solutions, providing enhanced compatibility with more smart cards, and smart card middleware partner products, than ever before. By allowing applications to utilize the full addressing space and data storage capabilities of cards and middleware that use the extended APDU format, and by enhancing compatibility with PC/SC on Microsoft Windows, Oracle provides the fastest and most compatible performing smart card-based solutions for virtual desktops. In laboratory testing, smart card data transfer speeds up to 24 times faster than previous releases have been measured on Sun Ray 3 Series Clients, which means that operations such as PIN login and PKI are faster, and the user gets authenticated access to their desktop much more quickly.

With the use of a smart card, users can automatically launch their sessions without the need to enter their login credentials multiple times, saving time and increasing productivity. This enhanced smart card solution is extremely cost-effective and easy to implement, and is critical for environments where security and speed are a must - including healthcare, kiosks, and Point of Sale terminals.

Feature Benefit
Fast auto-launch of sessions - with or without a PIN Increases end-user productivity
Automatic identification of both user and card Provides instant identification and security
User authentication with password, PIN and/or Biometrics Provides additional security using multi-factor authentication
Manage smart cards at multiple levels - local user, sessions/domain  Gives administrators flexibility to choose a configuration that best suits their needs

(This blog posted on behalf of Oracle's Michael Bender) 

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