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Mirantis Announces Support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM

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In May we announced the tech
preview of the Oracle’s Distribution for OpenStack for Oracle Linux and Oracle
VM. As we have been doing for many years with Linux and Xen, we plan to work
with the OpenStack community and help make OpenStack an enterprise grade
alternative for cloud deployments. 

We are very pleased with the Mirantis
today stating that Mirantis will offer Oracle Linux and Oracle
VM as part of their supported operating systems and hypervisors options. 
Right from the beginning we stated that our approach to OpenStack will be open and collaborative (see Wim Coekaerts’ blog). We said we’ll work with the rest of industry and support our customers with any choices they make with regards to OpenStack distribution and today, with this announcement from Mirantis, we take another step in this direction.

With this announcement our joint customers can
choose Oracle Linux as their operating system and Oracle VM Server as their
hypervisor of choice and build an OpenStack deployment with end to end support.
Customers can now use the most advanced capabilities in Oracle Linux like
Ksplice and Dtrace and achieve better scale and performance with Oracle VM Server as well as 
receive 24/7 support directly from
Oracle. Using an enterprise grade hypervisor and Linux distribution such as
Oracle Linux and Oracle VM brings OpenStack deployment to a new level of
reliability.  a higher level of reliability allows users to transition more workloads onto
OpenStack confidently, knowing that each part of the stack is well supported.

On top of that Oracle Linux is fully supported as a
guest operating system on the Mirantis distribution of OpenStack. Oracle Linux
is free to use and redistribute including patches and updates with the option to purchase support subscription from Oracle. We believe that
choosing Oracle Linux as guest operating system is the best and most cost efficient
option and we would like every customer to have the option to use it.

Oracle will
continue to collaborate with other OpenStack solution providers to allow them
to offer Oracle Linux and Oracle VM as part of their solution. Our goal remains
the same: jointly deliver great solutions and support experience for our mutual
customers. We also look forward to working with other vendors to certify
networking, storage, hypervisor and other plugins into the Oracle OpenStack

We believe in keeping OpenStack open and collaborative
and we will continue to focusing on:

  1. Working with other cloud solution
    to make sure they can integrate with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM
  2. Working with hardware and software
    vendors to integrate their solution with Oracle Distribution of OpenStack for
    Oracle Linux and Oracle VM
  3. Assuring that Oracle Linux is
    supported as guest operating system on any virtualization platform
We look forward to continue working with our partners and customers helping to make OpenStack a first class solution for the enterprise.

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