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Export VM from VirtualBox to OCI

Valery Portnyagin
Senior Developer


VirtualBox supports export a local VM into OCI. There is the Oracle VM VirtualBox Technical Paper “ Journey to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Oracle VM VirtualBox” which contains enough general information how to apply this feature for OCI. This article is intended to explain some technical details more precisely or to cover the topics which may be omitted or can’t be described in the white paper. Some quotations from the white paper or the references to this one will be present here. Also some text from Official OCI documentation is quoted here. The article has no aim to replace the white paper, moreover the better way is to use one together with the white paper.

Carefully read the next OCI documentation to avoid any simple mistakes on the beginning:

It’s supposed that user already has credentials to login to OCI and knows some basic stuff about OCI like IAM, VCN, Subnet, Object Storage.


Part 1 - General logic and Prerequisites

Part 2 - Setup SSH on Linux VM

Part 3 - Setup Serial Console Connection on Linux VM

Part 4 - Setup VirtIO drivers on Linux VM

Part 5 - Network stuff

Part 6 - OCI side preparation

Part 7 - Setup firewall on OCI instance

Part 8 - Export to OCI via the command “VBoxManage export”


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