Application-Driven Virtualization with Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder

Oracle has announced the general availability of Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder, an amazing new product that allows users to design, package and deploy multi-tier applications. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder is able to use Oracle application such as Oracle Database, Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Weblogic Server and others as building blocks (called appliances) to compose any multi tier application. Using a studio environment user can compose the application and a using a deployer to deploy the application onto an Oracle VM environment.

Oracle VM was designed from the ground up to deliver a complete solution which can help the customer deploy critical business services quickly and efficiently. With Oracle VM as the platform Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder makes the process of capturing existing multi-tier applications, analyzing them and creating a blue print into an efficient and fast process.

In this example we see Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Studio. The Studio is where the user can connect appliances, create  the multi tier application and package it. In the example below we see how an Oracle Weblogic Server is configured into a multi tier application including a database and frontended by Oracle Traffic Director:

In the traditional model, architecting an application is a very complicated and error prone process. The deployment is a long process where every step has to be verified and double checked to avoid costly mistakes. After the application is installed and the virtual machines are configured, additional work is required to configure the application.

Virtualization has certainly improved the deployment process by reducing the burden of configuring the physical servers. However, the application deployment and configuration remains complex and time consuming as has been for many years. With Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Oracle takes the next step towards making the IT environment agile and takes the agility of virtualization into the application space.

For Oracle VM users these are very exciting times, Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder provides a capability not available with any other virtualization solution. Customers can take out of the box appliances, bring them into the Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Studio, design their applications according to their specific requirements and package them into an assembly. This solves not only the problem of design and deployment of an application but also serves as a tool to move and change existing deployments easily in a repeatable manner. Since assemblies are kept as blue print to the application they can be used for more purposes like test and development. The tester can take the assembly and deploy it in a test environment which allows him to test new patches, examine configuration changes, the developer can develop new features against an exact replica of the real application the business uses.

Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder is not only good for creating assemblies using existing appliances but also has the ability to introspect existing physical environments, analyze their configuration and turn them into appliances. Those appliances can be packaged as an assembly or be used as a building blocks to create more sophisticated assemblies. The Oracle Virtual Assembly builder comes out of the box with a list of appliances which includes Oracle Database, Oracle Weblogic Server, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle HTTP Server and more.

In this example we see how a SOA suite physical implementation is introspected and brought into the studio for configuration and packaging. The first stage is the introspection process which analyzes the existing deployment:

Next the introspected environment is available for configuration and capturing in Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Studio:

The Oracle VM team has been working closely with the Oracle Virtual Assembly team to design both products in a way that will make application building and deployment into a quick and simple process. Together with Oracle Enterprise Manager we can now manage a complete Cloud from the servers through the virtualization layer to the OS, database, middleware and application layers from server provisioning to cloud self service portals.We are very pleased with this addition to Oracle's virtualization and cloud portfolio and looking forward to continue making our customers successful



8 Database virtual assemblies are available via Enterprise Manager 12c Self-Update, as on April 5th, 2012. One can create a zone of Oracle VM 3.x servers and deploy these assemblies from the Enterprise Manager 12c Self-Service interface.The Middleware assemblies are expected soon.

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