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Oracle Desktop Virtualization with Oracle Applications for Contact Centers

Field report from the ICMI ACCE Contact Center Conference in New Orleans, LA I am putting the final touches on the Oracle exhibit at the ACCE 2011 conference on June 13th and 14th 2011.   ACCE is advertised as "The Global Gathering for the Contact Center Community".    I am very excited to feature at the exhibit the Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure products (Oracle VDI, Sun Ray Clients, Sun Ray Software,  Oracle Servers) along with Oracle's contact center software that...

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Desktop Virtualization for Contact Centers at ICMI ACCE

If you're involved with contact centers, I'm sure you know about the ICMI ACCE Conference & Expo going on next week in New Orleans. Oracle will be there showing our customer relationship management and contact center technologies, including desktop virtualization. In fact, all of the demos at the booth will be done on Sun Ray Clients using Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Desktop virtualization and thin client devices such as Sun Ray Clients are a perfect match for...

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Public Sector Customers Benefit from Desktop Virtualization

Organizations in the public sector (including national and local government, justice and public safety, defense, education, and more), share similar concerns about security and accessibility of data. Oracle's desktop virtualization solutions can help meet these challenges by providing a desktop management solution that keeps sensitive information off of laptop and desktop computers and maintains it in the datacenter, where it can be more easily protected and managed by IT. In...

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Oracle’s Web Applications Are Certified!

Oracle prides itself in providing a full-stack solution to customers – right from servers and storage, to the middleware and applications. Oracle’s desktop virtualization is a key piece of the full stack solution as it forms the access layer for all Oracle enterprise applications. Today, we are glad to announce a certification statement for Oracle customers who wish to use Oracle’s desktop virtualization products as an access layer for Oracle’s web based applications. By...

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Solving Remote Access Performance Problems

Many companies would benefit from consolidating applications and data into what is called a Global Single Instance (GSI). In fact, Oracle did this several years ago and today benefits greatly from reduced IT overhead and increased productivity. From a desktop virtualization perspective, you could even look at VDI and server hosted virtual desktops as a Global Single Instance of the desktop environment. These two technologies can work hand in hand to bring even greater...

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Teleworking with AT&T, Oracle, and Avaya

Recently, AT&T announced, along with Oracle and Avaya, telework solutions for federal agencies. You can read the press release here: AT&T GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS ANNOUNCES TELEWORK SOLUTIONS FOR FEDERAL AGENCIES This is a really exciting project, so I'l tell you a bit about it. If you're like most folks in the private sector, you've been given opportunities to telework at some point or another. This basically means that you work (frequently or infrequently) outside the office and...

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