Friday May 16, 2014

OpenStack Summit - What a Great Week This Was

Close to 5000 OpenStack developers, customers, vendors and technology enthusiasts met this week in Atlanta Georgia for the semi-annual OpenStack summit. It was an exciting event, there is something about the OpenStack project that make people more passionate than any technology I have seen before. The metaphor commonly used at the summit describing OpenStack as the “Rebel Alliance” seems to accurately capture the mindset the OpenStack community. The feeling is that we are making something big and revolutionary, changing the world in a big way. As a technology conference veteran I felt that this one was very different. There is a vibrant discussion inside the OpenStack community about what to do and how to do it. There are different schools of thought but everyone has a common goal, to make OpenStack successful.

The sessions covered any and every aspect of OpenStack and allowed anyone to learn about what is happening in the different projects and how will they evolve. An interesting aspect of the OpenStack community is the openness and how people feel comfortable having a completely open discussion about what works well and what doesn’t, what is better handled differently and what can be improved. Many of the sessions and discussions revolved around genuine analysis of the best path forward suggesting improvements and changes encouraging a discussion and involvement from the audience.

The future direction of networking in OpenStack came up in many sessions and discussions. While Neutron provides a lot of features and built as a way that abstract networking implementation from user interface there are still many challenges to overcome. The main challenges with Neutron are the complexity that has grown significantly with Neutron as well as scalability. While there are technical challenges to overcome the community is working together towards a common goal, despite disagreement and different mindsets everyone is looking how to make OpenStack better.

Another interesting session and completely non-technical was a one by Thierry Carrez, Chair of the Technical Committee and Release Manager of OpenStack. This session discussed the challenges of managing a community and how to create the right governance structure and the right process to assure proper evaluation of ideas and foster a merit based community. The rapid growth of the OpenStack community with many participants who have different goals has made the management of OpenStack into a very challenging task in of itself. You can watch the recording here

On Tuesday of this week we announced the technology preview for Oracle’s Distribution of OpenStack which was very well received by our customers, partners and the community. Our goal is simple, work with the OpenStack community to make OpenStack an enterprise grade platform capable of running enterprise applications. We want to work with our partner to integrate their solution with Oracle’s Openstack distribution. We are also striving to be open and collaborative providing full support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM to anyone who deploy OpenStack whether from Oracle, DIY or any other OpenStack distribution. More details can be found on Wim’s blog.

It was an exciting week and we are looking forward for the weeks and months ahead working with our partners and customers making Oracle OpenStack distribution available as well as working with the community to make OpenStack better. You are welcome to try the Oracle OpenStack technology preview here and we look forward to your feedback.



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