Saturday Dec 28, 2013

Oracle VM 3.2.7 and Oracle VM Server for SPARC Updates

We've released the patch updates for Oracle VM server virtualization for both x86 and SPARC.

From x86 side, Oracle VM 3.2.7 is the latest patch update. The update is available for download from My Oracle Support. Oracle VM Server packages are also available from Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network (Oracle VM Sever 3.2.1 Patch Channel or Oracle VM 3 Latest Channel). The patch updates include all the accumulative bug fixes that have been integrated since 3.2.1 release.  See the download instructions:

Download Instructions

  • Oracle VM Server for x86 3.2.7 server ISO, search patch ID 16410428; and also available from ULN -
  • Oracle VM Manager 3.2.7 upgrade, search patch ID 16410417
  • Oracle VM Agent 3.2.6 for SPARC, search patch ID 16694949

We also updated Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 software:

  • 3.1 release has been integrated into Oracle Solaris 11.1 beginning with SRU 10.5. The patch is available with Oracle 11.1 SRU 14.5. Refer to Oracle Solaris 11.1 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index [ID 1501435.1]  from My Oracle Support
  • 3.1 release is also available on Oracle Solaris 10, search patch ID 17291713. The patch is 150817-01.

Additional Information

You can review the list of bug fixes and enhancements here.

Oracle VM documentation is available on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN):

For the latest information, best practices white papers and webinars, please visit

Friday Dec 20, 2013

Friday Spotlight: KT and Oracle VM

Happy Friday!

Our spotlight this week is on KT and their use of Oracle VM.  

Oracle Helps KT with IT Transformation

In the first video, Jung-Sik Suh, SVP of Cloud Convergence at KT, discusses the IT challenges they recently faced. To support their next generation customers, they needed to diversify their product offerings and expand their capacity, and they had to do this while simultaneously merging with another company! They decided to design a private cloud using Oracle VM and Oracle Linux that resulted in a 70% reduction of infrastructure cost and 50% reduction in operation cost.

KT Benefits from Oracle's Integrated Solutions 

In the second video, Mr. Suh discusses how implementing an Oracle software stack that is designed to work together, including Oracle VM, Oracle Linux, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and more, allows them to save costs and pass the savings on to their customers, and in the future, will provide a profit center for them, as well.

Important Patch Set Updates (PSU) for Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Oracle has released some important Patch Set Updates (PSUs) for Oracle Secure Global Desktop which customers should be aware of.

These critical patch clusters are available for immediate download and installation, as described in the following version-specific announcements:

Patch Set Updates are available for all active Long Term Support (LTS) maintenance releases, as enumerated within the Secure Global Desktop Release Announcement Reference (1597467.1).   No other versions of SGD are designated to receive a formal PSU.   Administrators of earlier releases—(i.e. 4.5, 4.60, 4.61, 4.62, or 4.70)—must move to a designated maintenance release in order to apply these comprehensive solutions.

ACTION REQUIRED:  The Oracle Support team would like to stress the importance of the immediate consideration and installation of the December 2013 PSUs, as planned updates to the Java plug-in will adversely impact the user experience of all unpatched versions of Secure Global Desktop prior to Secure Global Desktop 5.10.

These changes will require proactive action on behalf of SGD Administrators to prevent service interruption when the forthcoming updates planned for Java do arrive.

Additional information regarding this particular scenario is described within a dedicated knowledge article:

  • Users Connecting to Secure Global Desktop are Presented with Dialog, "This application will be blocked in a future Java security update because the JAR file manifest does not contain the Permissions attribute."  (Doc ID 1594506.1)

Thursday Dec 19, 2013

The December Edition of the Oracle Virtualization Newsletter is Here!

The latest Oracle Virtualization newsletter is out! If you're a subscriber, you already have it in your inbox. But if not, here are some of the highlights:

  • Oracle joins OpenStack Foundation
  • Replay information for Top 5 Reasons Why Oracle VM Is Best for Oracle Database webcast
  • Case study on telecommunications company that deployed IT as a service using Oracle VM
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox receives community choice award from Windows IT Pro
  • Information on the upcoming Virtual SysAdmin Day on January 28
  • A new e-book titled "Oracle VM: Application-Driven Virtualization for the Modern Data Center and the Cloud"
  • Plus, new podcasts, white papers, customer success stories, partner buzz, and much more!

You can read the December edition online right now, or you can subscribe to get future newsletters direct to your inbox. We hope you enjoy it! 


Scalable and Cost-Effective Virtualization Solution

Oracle VM is a highly scalable and cost effective virtualization solution and the best virtualization technology for Oracle Databases.and business-critical applications. Whether you are using Oracle VM on x86 or SPARC platforms, we provide the training to help you design, install, and implement a virtual environment.

You can take this live instructor-led training as a:

  • Live-Virtual event: Train from your own desk - no travel required. Choose from a selection of events on the schedule to suit different timezones.
  • In-Class event: Travel to an education center. Below is a selection of events on the schedule for each course.

Oracle VM Administration: Oracle VM Server for x86

 Location  Date  Delivery Language
 Prague, Czech Republic
 24 March 2014
 Paris, France
 28 February 2014
Budapest, Hungary  8 January 2014
 Rome, Italy
 22 April 2014
 Riga, Latvia
 3 February 2014
 Oslo, Norway
 10 February 2014
 Warsaw, Poland
 12 February 2014
 Singapore  27 January 2014
 Melbourne, Australia
 13 February 2014
 Perth, Australia
 28 January 2014
 Sydney, Australia
 5 March 2014
 Montreal, Canada
 18 February 2014
 Ottawa, Canada
 18 February 2014
 Toronto, Canada
 18 February 2014
Phoenix, AZ, United States 18 February 2014
Sacramento, CA, United States 18 February 2014
San Francisco, CA, United States  18 February 2014
San Jose, CA, United States  18 February 2014
Denver, CO, United States  22 January 2014
Roseville, MN, United States  10 February 2014
Edison, NJ, United States 18 February 2014 English
Columbus, OH, United States 3 February 2014 English
King of Prussia, PA, United States 18 February 2014 English
Reston, VA, United States 26 March 2014 English

Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation and Configuration

 Location  Date  Delivery Language
 Prague, Czech Republic
 23 April 2014
 Paris, France
 27 January 2014
 Madrid, Spain
 27 March 2014
 Cairo Egypt
 9 February 2014
 Dubai, UAE
 5 February 2014
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong  24 February 2014
 Jakarta, Indonesia
 23 December 2013
 Tokyo, Japan
 6 February 2014
 Singapore  9 January 2014
Melbourne, Australia
30 January 2014
 Sydney, Australia
 10 February 2014

To register for an event, request an additional event or learn more about Oracle's virtualization curriculum, go to

To learn more about using Oracle VM as an efficient and highly available solution, see Telco Case Study: "IT-as-a-Service" with Oracle VM Enables Higher Business Availability.

Wednesday Dec 18, 2013

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.6 released!


Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.6, a maintenance release of the 4.3 branch, is now available. It brings stability improvements and fixes regressions.

For the full list of fixes see the ChangeLog, or just simply download it now at the community or Oracle download sites.  

- FB

Tuesday Dec 17, 2013

Telco Case Study: "IT-as-a-Service" with Oracle VM Enables Higher Business Availability

In this blog article we want to share with you a use case for Oracle VM enabling high availability through an "IT-as-a-Service" deployment at a Telco provider.

Using Oracle VM, the Telco customer is able to realize a highly efficient server infrastructure to dynamically provision and reclaim resources to quickly respond to business demands. With over 100 Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) servers deployed in an Oracle VM-based virtualized environment, the Telco customer has a solid, highly available infrastructure designed for maximum flexibility.

To better respond to the customer needs for application services, the Telco customer uses Oracle VM Templates to roll out new servers, each taking only 10 minutes per box which can be ready in parallel. “It’s all cabled once, it’s all in a pool, and we have created processes and procedures to quickly add more resources as we need them. Oracle VM provides this elasticity.” says the Telco architect.

Read the whitepaper and get an in-depth look at "IT-as-a-Service" deployment at a large Telco.

Friday Dec 13, 2013

Friday Spotlight: IaaS with Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager

Reap the Benefits of IaaS with Oracle Virtualization

IT customers are looking to reap the benefits of cloud computing, including at the Infrastructure layer. Their role is viewed as data center service providers. To them, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), is internalized as Integration of "astonishing" applications and systems. It’s the proverbial duct taping of all the different components of IT infrastructure into a single cohesive intelligent controllable, predictable box from which they can direct all that happens to support their business. From their perspective, Oracle VM is the container and Oracle Enterprise Manager is both the duct tape and the control box for IaaS which has helped them to tame the complex infrastructure and quickly provision the “astonishing” applications, sometimes with wildly varying need for network, storage compute resources.

For an insightful perspective of IaaS from Oracle, join VP of Product Management for Oracle Enterprise Manager, Sudip Datta, in his chalk talk.

Tuesday Dec 10, 2013

Oracle joins the OpenStack Foundation

Oracle today has officially joined the OpenStack Foundation as a corporate sponsor. Link to press release:

Oracle plans to integrate OpenStack capabilities into several products including Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle's ZS3 Series, Axiom Storage Systems and StorageTek Tape Systems, Oracle Compute Cloud Service and Oracle Storage Cloud Service.

As stated in our announcement, our goal is to give Oracle customers greater choice. Stay tuned for more updates.

OpenStack companies page:


Thursday Dec 05, 2013

Webcast: Top 5 Reasons why Oracle VM is Best for Oracle Database


Top 5 Key Reasons Why Oracle VM is Best for Oracle Database
Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Time: 10:00 AM PST

Oracle VM's application-driven architecture is designed for rapid deployment and ease of lifecycle management providing IT a highly scalable and cost effective virtualization solution for Oracle Database and business-critical applications.

Join us for a webcast featuring Francisco Munoz Alvarez, a seasoned expert, and Oracle ACE Director as he shares his performance benchmark findings highlighting key reasons why Oracle VM is the best virtualization technology for Oracle Databases.


  • Francisco Munoz Alvarez, Oracle Professional Services Manager, Revera Limited
  • Doan Nguyen, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director, Oracle

Don't miss this insightful webcast and an opportunity to hear real-world benchmarking results. Register Now.

Wednesday Dec 04, 2013

Dell World 2013 Features Oracle Linux and Oracle VM

Oracle is proud to be a Gold sponsor at Dell World 2013. Join Oracle Linux and Virtualization experts and discover how you can benefit from Oracle software integration with Dell hardware. Our activities include:

Session: Why Choose Oracle Linux for your Oracle Database 12c Deployments

Details: Thursday, 1:30 – 2:30pm, Room 17AB

Speaker: Chris Kawalek, Oracle

Find out how Oracle Linux is optimized for Oracle Database and the benefits of deploying them together on an integrated and fully tested infrastructure.

Theater Presentation: Best Practices for Virtualizing Oracle Database and Oracle Applications with Oracle VM

Details: Thursday, 11:00-11:25am, Expo area (Theater on the right)

Speaker: Chris Kawalek, Oracle

Realize the true potential of virtualization beyond server consolidation using Oracle VM’s application-driven virtualization approach.

Theater Presentation: Dell/Oracle Active Infrastructure 

Details: Thursday, 2:30-2:55pm,  Expo area (Theater on the right)

Speaker: Tom Kopec, Oracle

Get a high level review of the recently announce Dell / Oracle Active Infrastructure.  

Booth  #401G
Come to the Oracle booth on Monday and Tuesday, talk to our experts, pick up free Oracle Linux and Oracle VM software DVD.

We hope to see you at Dell World.

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