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  • June 8, 2018

Announcing Oracle VM 3.4.5 certification with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c

Simon Hayler
Senior Technical Product Manager

We are pleased to announce that Oracle VM 3.4.5 is certified with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c release 13.2PG.  This enables the discovery, monitoring and management of Oracle VM 3.4.5 with this release. 

The Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c 13.2PG release denotes the use of the latest Enterprise Manager VT (Virtualization) plug-in which is version 13.2.3. The following Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c patches are recommended and have been tested for use with Oracle VM 3.4.5; use the various patch readme files for further information.

For the Enterprise Manager Server (OMS):
- 6880880 - Opatch Version for EMCC 13.x
- 19999993 – OMSPatcher patch of version for EMCC
- 27612395 – EMBP Patch Set Update (PSU)
- 27807486 – Enterprise manager for oms plugins

For the Oracle VM Manager Host Enterprise Manager Agent:
- 6880880 - Opatch Version for EMCC 13.x
- 27585167  - EM-Agent agent bundle patch
- 28195767 -  EM VT plugin Monitoring patch (agent monitoring)
- 27110236 -  EM VT Plugin Discovery patch (agent discovery)


High level steps for an upgrade to Oracle VM 3.4.5 with Enterprise Manager 13c 13.2:

1. Check and if needed upgrade the Enterprise Manager Server (OMS) VT (Virtualization) plug-in to version 13.2.3

2. Check and if needed install the patches for the Enterprise Manager Server (OMS) as listed above

3. Check and if needed install the patches for the Oracle VM Manager Enterprise Manager Agent as listed above (leave the Enterprise Manager Agent stopped after the patch install)

4. Upgrade the Oracle VM Manager to version 3.4.5 using this documentation

5. Start the Oracle VM Manager Enterprise Manager Agent

Oracle VM is monitored and managed with Oracle Enterprise Manager using this documentation from the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Administration Guide.

For further information on the exciting new features of Oracle VM 3.4.5 please refer here.

For further information on Enterprise Manager 13c please refer here.


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