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Announcing Ksplice Enhancements for Oracle VM

John Priest
Director of Product Management

Ksplice patching for Xen and User space now available for Oracle VM release 3.4.5!

We are excited to announce an important enhancement to the Oracle VM product. Oracle VM Server release 3.4.5 now supports Ksplice patching for the Xen hypervisor and critical user space packages. This product enhancement extends the Ksplice kernel patching support already offered on the Oracle VM Server to cover the following Oracle VM components:

  • Xen hypervisor
  • glibc
  • openssl
  • QEMU

Oracle Ksplice technology allows you to update systems with new security errata (CVE) patches without the need to reboot. This enables you to remain current with operating system vulnerability patches while minimizing downtime. Oracle Ksplice actively applies updates to the running images instead of making on-disk changes that would take effect only after a subsequent reboots. With the addition of Xen patching and user space patching, Oracle VM administrators now have an enhanced set of tools to cope with security threats and other issues without impacting running systems.

To install Ksplice support on your Oracle VM Server, please review the updated documents that give additional information on these new enhancements:

Oracle VM Administrator's Guide for Release 3.4 - Information on accessing the Oracle VM ULN channels, Configuring Yum for Oracle Ksplice, Installing the Ksplice Enhanced Client, and Installing Oracle Ksplice Updates on Oracle VM Server.

Oracle Linux Ksplice User Guide - Overview of Oracle Ksplice, and Ksplice Enhanced Client support for Oracle VM.

For Oracle VM users that are setting up Ksplice for the first time, follow the instructions in the Oracle VM Administrator's Guide to install the Ksplice Enhanced Client and to configure the Ksplice channels.

The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel updates will continue to be located in the Ksplice for Oracle Linux 6 (x86_64) channel, ol6_x86_64_ksplice. The Ksplice Enhanced Client and user space updates for Oracle VM are in a new ULN channel in Oracle VM 3.4 latest, ovm34_x86_64_ksplice.

For Oracle VM users that already have support for Ksplice kernel patching, you will need to switch from the Uptrack Client to the Enhanced Client to patch the Xen and user space updates. Instructions to switch between the clients is located in the Oracle VM Administrator's Guide. And as noted above, you need to be on Oracle VM Server 3.4.5 or higher to take advantage of the new Ksplice enhancements.

Ksplice patching for Oracle VM is available for customers with Oracle VM Premier Support. You can read more about the Oracle Ksplice technology in Ksplice Overview in the Oracle Technology Network. And when you’re ready to try it out, point your Oracle VM Manager to the updates on the Unbreakable Linux Network and start patching your Oracle VM Servers while keeping your business applications running.


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Comments ( 2 )
  • DavidH Thursday, January 3, 2019
    When will KSplice for Oracle VM for SPARC be released?

    The KSplice support pieces are in Solaris 11.4, the world is anxiously awaiting!
  • John Priest Tuesday, January 8, 2019
    Please check in with the Solaris team for the latest updates on Ksplice support for this OS.
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