Thursday Oct 22, 2015

OOW15: All Oracle Linux, Oracle Virtualization Sessions and HOLs

Hello everyone, what a busy month for us! 

First, the October edition of the Oracle Linux Newsletter is now available! Featuring stories about the new OpenStack for Oracle Linux Release 2, what’s happening at next week’s Oracle OpenWorld, an economic value analysis of Oracle Linux, and much more. Read the latest edition online right now, or subscribe to get future editions delivered straight to your inbox.

We have only 3 days to Oracle OpenWorld and we are excited to present you with an amazing range of sessions and Hands on Labs for Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, VirtualBox, Secure Global Desktop and OpenStack for Oracle Linux.  First of all, we wanted to remind you all the locations. Please allow sufficient time to travel:

  • All Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux sessions are at the Park Central Hotel
  • All of our Hands on Labs are at the Hotel Nikko
  • Demos are in Moscone South
  • Keynotes are in Moscone North

Monday, Oct. 26:

  • Deploy Oracle Real Application Clusters in Minutes Using Oracle VM Templates [HOL10471] Monday, Oct 26, 11:00 a.m. | Hotel Nikko—Nikko Ballroom II (3rd Floor)
  • Performance Optimizations for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service [CON9577] Monday, Oct 26, 12:15 p.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II
  • Getting Started with Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux [HOL10473] Monday, Oct 26, 12:30 p.m. | Hotel Nikko—Nikko Ballroom II (3rd Floor)
  • Deploy an Oracle E-Business Suite System in Minutes Using Oracle VM Templates [HOL10472] Monday, Oct 26, 2:00 p.m. | Hotel Nikko—Nikko Ballroom II (3rd Floor)
  • Maximize Oracle Linux Performance on Servers and in the Cloud [CON9481] Monday, Oct 26, 2:45 p.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II
  • Oracle Linux: Build, Test, and Deploy—Tools for the Modern Developer [CON9484] Monday, Oct 26, 4:00 p.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II
  • Next-Generation Cloud Application Development with Oracle Linux, Docker, and Virtualization [CON9485] Monday, Oct 26, 5:15 p.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II
Tuesday, Oct. 27 - Don't miss the General sessions highlighted in red below:
  • General Session: Oracle Linux—the State of the Penguin [GEN9479] Tuesday, Oct 27, 11:00 a.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II
  • Secure Your Data Center with Oracle Linux [CON9483] Tuesday, Oct 27, 12:15 p.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II
  • General Session: How Oracle Linux and Virtualization Power the Cloud [GEN9486] Tuesday, Oct 27, 4:00 p.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II
  • Oracle VM: Complete and Integrated Virtualization Solution in a Data Center [CON6120] Tuesday, Oct 27, 5:15 p.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II

Wednesday, Oct 28:

  • Build and Deploy Portable Applications Using Docker and Oracle Linux [HOL10328] Wednesday, Oct 28, 8:45 a.m. | Hotel Nikko—Nikko Ballroom I (3rd Floor)
  • How to Manage Your Oracle Linux Environment with Spacewalk [HOL10326] Wednesday, Oct 28, 10:15 a.m. | Hotel Nikko—Monterey (3rd Floor)
  • Building a Large-Scale Cloud Infrastructure with Oracle VM and Oracle Linux [CON9487] Wednesday, Oct 28, 11:00 a.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II
  • Business Continuity for Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure [CON9575] Wednesday, Oct 28, 12:15 p.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II
  • Rapid Private Cloud with Oracle VM and Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux [CON9576] Wednesday, Oct 28, 1:45 p.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II
  • The Enterprise Cloud Simplified with Oracle VM [CON9488] Wednesday, Oct 28, 3:00 p.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II
  • Maximize Your Private Cloud Investment with Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux [CON9574] Wednesday, Oct 28, 4:15 p.m. | Park Central—Metropolitan II
  • Deploying and Managing a Private Cloud [HOL10469] Wednesday, Oct 28, 4:15 p.m. | Hotel Nikko—Nikko Ballroom II (3rd Floor)

We wanted to list all the sessions and HOLs by day so you don't miss them but in case you prefer to bookmark the Focus On Documents, here are the links for those which gives you the summary of all the activities for Oracle Linux and Virtualization:

Focus On Document - Oracle Linux

Focus On Document - Oracle Virtualization

We look forward to seeing you in our Sessions and Hands on Labs at OOW15.

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015

Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0.8 now available!

Oracle has just released new maintenance 5.0.8 on our latest major VirtualBox 5.0 release. Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0.8 improves stability and fixes regressions.

See the Changelog for a complete list of changes. Binaries can be downloaded here (at or here (Oracle Technology Network).

You can also find all the informations related to 4.x release at the following links:

The Oracle VM VirtualBox Team

Monday Oct 19, 2015

OOW15: QLogic Showcases Solutions at Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase

QLogic is one of the global leaders and technology innovators in high performance server and storage networking connectivity products. Oracle and other leading OEMs and channel partners worldwide rely on QLogic for their server and storage networking solutions. QLogic technology provides Oracle with I/O from servers and storage to the cloud. 

At Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase, Booth #121, Kiosk: SLX-005, QLogic is demonstrating the use of NPAR (NIC Partitioning) and Oracle VM for QoS Cloud Solutions.  QLogic will also present their solution in the theatre session below:

QLogic Adapters with NPAR and Oracle VM Enable Optimal Data Center Consolidation [THT11247]

Michael Geroche, Sales Engineer, QLogic Corporation

    • Monday, Oct 26, 12:00 p.m. | Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and OpenStack Showcase Theater, Moscone South
    • Tuesday, Oct 27, 12:00 p.m. | Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and OpenStack Showcase Theater, Moscone South 

We look forward to seeing you at Oracle OpenWorld.

Friday Oct 16, 2015

Friday OOW15 Spotlight - Oracle VM Hands on Labs: HOL10469, HOL10471 and HOL10472

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 will start in on October 25th. As every year, among the 2000+ sessions presented there will be many Hands on labs.

The idea of these Oracle VM HOL is to enable 40 to 50 customers and partners to meet in a room and install/configure/use Oracle products on laptops during 1 or 2 hours, following detailed documentation and being helped by several Oracle experts. Each student will have a laptop where, thanks to Oracle VM VirtualBox, we will be able to create Oracle VM Demo environments:

The labs that we are going to host this year are the following:

    Deploying and Managing a Private Cloud on Oracle VM [HOL10469]

    In this session, highly experienced Oracle experts walk you through the planning and deployment of a database as a service (DBaaS) private cloud environment with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c and Oracle VM as the foundation. See how to deploy new Oracle databases or schemas from a catalog in different ways in minutes.

    Wednesday, Oct 28, 4:15 PM - Hotel Nikko - Nikko Ballroom II (3rd floor)

    Deploy Oracle Real Application Clusters in Minutes using Oracle VM Templates

    Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) is a cluster database with a shared cache architecture that overcomes the limitations of traditional shared-nothing and shared-disk approaches to provide highly scalable and available database solutions for all your business applications. In this hands-on lab, learn from Oracle experts about how to deploy Oracle RAC in just minutes by leveraging the power of Oracle VM Templates.

    Monday, Oct 26, 11:00 AM - Hotel Nikko - Nikko Ballroom II (3rd floor)

    Deploy an Oracle E-Business Suite System in Minutes using Oracle VM Templates [HOL10472]

    Oracle E-Business Suite is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that enable organizations to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance. And going beyond simple server consolidation, Oracle VM is designed to enable rapid enterprise application deployment. In this hands-on lab, learn how powerful Oracle VM Templates can make rolling out Oracle E-Business Suite quick and easy.

    Monday, Oct 26, 02:00 PM - Hotel Nikko - Nikko Ballroom II (3rd floor)

    If you will attend Oracle OpenWorld 2015 and are interested by Infrastructure Cloud, OpenStack or Virtualization, add those labs to your calendar using the Schedule Builder tool

    To learn more about other sessions, read the previous blog post - Start Reserving Your Spots in Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Sessions.

    See you soon @ OOW15!

    Thursday Oct 15, 2015

    OOW15: amitego AG Demonstrates VISULOX at Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase

    We are happy to welcome amitego AG to our Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase this year. They will be showcasing their product VISULOX in the showcase area but also provide insight into the product during theatre session listed below at Oracle OpenWorld on Oct 26-28.

    amitego AG
    is not new to Oracle Infrastructure products, nor to Oracle OpenWorld. Its mission is to make IT a safer place, by addressing secure access by privileged users, and this through its Remote Access Control and Management Solution Suite, VISULOX.

    VISULOX is based on the Oracle Secure Global Desktop Software, offering customers a flexible and powerful way to control and document all activities of the privileged users in the IT environment.  If you want to know more about the VISULOX and amitego, come to their theatre session:

    Title: VISULOX—Controlled Privileged Access to Cloud Services [THT11226]

    Speaker: Tillmann A. Basien, CEO, amitego Engineering GmbH

    • Monday, Oct 26, 1:30 p.m. | Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and OpenStack Showcase Theater, Moscone South
    • Tuesday, Oct 27, 1:00 p.m. | Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and OpenStack Showcase Theater, Moscone South

    amitego AG will also demonstrate their VISULOX product and show how easy it is to integrate without any modification to server or client, delivering a complete audit trail about who did what and when in the system. Including demos showing the user activities. Visit amitego AG at Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack ShowcaseBooth 121, SLMoscone South, Kiosk: SLX-006.

    Wednesday Oct 14, 2015

    OOW15: Fortinet Demonstrates Their Solution at Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase

    Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase will feature Fortinet as one of the partners in the Showcase area.

    As technology evolves, the complexity of securing our dynamic IT environment has changed, where the threats are no longer just access-based but now content-based. As such, there’s a requirement for intelligent software controlled security coupled with identity-based policy enforcement of all content. That’s where Fortinet comes in, with its network security appliances – appliances that provide an extensive array of functionality an organization needs to detect threat prevention within legitimate content, even from trusted sources and authorized applications. 

    Fortigate has been certified to work with Oracle VM.  Drop by Fortinet Kiosk , SLX-019 at the Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase at Oracle OpenWorld to learn more about Security solutions for your network.

    Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase is located at Moscone South, booth #121.

    Tuesday Oct 13, 2015

    OOW15: Intel® Showcasing at Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase

    Intel – Accelerating Technological Innovation and bringing it to customers faster 

    We are excited to welcome Intel® Corporation, to the Oracle OpenWorld 2015 - Oracle Linux and Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase

    Intel® and Oracle share a multi-decade history of collaboration, from building Linux kernels to validating configurations of Intel-based server solutions to server virtualization.  Oracle Linux and Oracle VM add infrastructure components to effectively complement Intel hardware, and the co-engineering relationship between Intel® and Oracle benefit end-customers with highly optimized results from their Oracle enterprise software on Intel® Xeon® Processors. You can hear about these technologies and collaboration in the Intel theatre sessions:

    Theatre Session:

    OpenStack and Intel—Comprehensive Support for a Trusted, Private Cloud [THT11336]

    Speaker: Glenn Williamson, Sr Staff Software Engineering Manager, Intel Corporation

    • Monday, Oct 26, 11:00 a.m. | Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and OpenStack Showcase Theater, Moscone South
    • Tuesday, Oct 27, 11:00 a.m. | Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and OpenStack Showcase Theater, Moscone South

    Visit Intel® at the Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase to learn more about solutions from Intel® experts located at Moscone South, Booth #121SLX-001 and 003 – from Oct 26-28th.

    Live WebCast: Oracle VM VirtualBox

    Test, Develop, and Demonstrate across Multiple Platforms on one Machine

    Join the live webcast on October 29 and learn how to enable organizations and developers to more easily and flexibly create and deploy on premises and cloud applications using Oracle VM VirtualBox. Register here.

    Oracle VM VirtualBox is the world’s most popular cross-platform virtualization software, with more than 100 million downloads. It is used by developers around the world to develop, test, and build virtual machine appliances. And end users leverage Oracle VM VirtualBox to deploy pre-built virtual appliances or simply to run multiple operating systems on their desktop machines (for instance, running Windows, Linux, or Oracle Solaris on a Mac OS X system).

    In this live webcast, Oracle experts cover the latest advancements in Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 and share the experience of using Oracle VM VirtualBox to develop and test virtualization infrastructure.

    Monday Oct 12, 2015

    OOW15: SGI Showcasing Their Solution at Oracle OpenWorld

    As we countdown to Oracle OpenWorld 2015, we will be introducing you to the partners that will demo their products in Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase at Moscone South, Booth #121 and talk about our Oracle Linux, Oracle VM sessions, Hands-on Labs and Oracle demos.

    Until now, enterprises that wish to run Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Database In-Memory option on a single Intel-based server have been limited to 8-socket systems. See how SGI, one of the global leaders in high-performance computing solutions and the newly announced SGI UV 300RL supported with Oracle Linux enable large and growing environments to achieve real-time operations and accelerate data analytics at unprecedented scale. 

    In this showcase, you can see their solution that enables you to become a Real-Time Enterprise using SGI servers with Oracle Database in-memory feature. 

    Don't miss SGI's showcase theatre session: SGI Introduces Breakthrough System for Oracle Database In-Memory [THT11261]

    Speaker: Bill Dunmire, Sr. Director Prod Mgmt & Marketing, HPDA, Silicon Graphics International Corp

    • Monday, Oct 26th, 1-1:20pm
    • Wed, Oct 28th, 1-1:20pm 

    See SGI at Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase, Booth #121, Kiosk #  SLX-015.

    Friday Oct 09, 2015

    Friday Spotlight: How to find your Cloud-in-a-box in San Francisco?

    Attending Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco is like walking through the famed FAO Schwarz toy store or the LEGO store. There are so many cool and fantastic products that wow you. If you are on a mission to find your cloud-in-a-box at this conference, let the Hero 6 team help you navigate through the sea of 60,000 people and thousands of sessions.

    Meet Hero #1: ICA AB Group, one of the largest retail companies in the Nordics region, covering Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 

    On Monday October 26th morning, you attend the Private Cloud Appliance Roadmap and Insights from Engineering [CON8762] at the Intercontinental Hotel. Hero #1 explains how Oracle Private Cloud Appliance was used to set the new benchmark within ICA and how this Engineered System became the “standard platform” for all database and application deployments.

    You run into Hero #2: Atos Nederland B.V., an international leader in digital services and Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games.

    Always a fan of the Olympic games, you attend the Atos Virtual Oracle Computing Hotel: Private Cloud Appliance in a Flexible Service Wrapper [CON7886] to hear Hero #2 talk about how he created the “Virtual Oracle Computing (VOC) Hotel" with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance. The VOC hotel offers guests 4 different room sizes and aligns Oracle license cost with the CPU cores you actually use.

    On Tuesday October 27th, you want to hear about Oracle’s Virtualization vision and attend the General Session: How Oracle Linux and Virtualization Power the Cloud [GEN9486] with Senior VP Wim Coekaerts. This General Session takes place at the Park Central hotel.

    You then hurry over to the Intercontinental Hotel to meet Hero #3: Secure-24, a leading Service Provider in North America.

    During the session Transforming Application Delivery with Private Cloud Appliance [CON2528], Hero #3 will discuss how Oracle Private Cloud Appliance combined with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance helped this hero achieve performance improvements while reducing delivery costs by 90 percent for Oracle workloads running on both Linux and Windows.

    Still in pursuit of your cloud-in-a-box, you go back to the Intercontinental hotel on Wednedsday October 28th to meet Hero #4: Xait, a leader in Oil and Gas Collaborative Authoring Solutions with headquarter in Norway.

    And Hero #5: Tier1, a North American consulting and support organization 

    In the Real-World Insight: Private Cloud Appliance in Action [CON8765], you hear about best practices and learnings from these vastly different heroes when they deployed Oracle Private Cloud Appliance for a range of traditional and cloud workloads.

    Happy with what you have heard from 5 different customers, you head off to the Oracle Customer Appreciation Event to hear the music of Elton John and Beck while enjoying the 360-degree views of the San Francisco and Oakland skylines.

    Ah, on the last day of the conference Thursday October 29th, you go to Moscone South to meet the last Hero: Accenture Enkitec Group

    Hero #6 provides the last use-case in the session on Private Cloud Appliance and Oracle Exadata for High-Volume Financial Services Systems [CON5175].

    Wait, one more session to attend All-Flash Cloud—Simplify Deployment Using Private Cloud Appliance with Oracle All Flash FS [CON8066] to complete your search for a cloud-in-a-box.

    It’s been a whole week of fun. You've found what you were looking for through all the sessions with the Hero 6 team. Good bye San Francisco.

    Monday Oct 05, 2015

    Oracle Sponsors LinuxCon Europe - Dublin, Oct 5-7

    Oracle is proud to be a silver sponsor in LinuxCon Europe, Dublin, Oct 5-7. You can meet Oracle Linux and virtualization experts. Learn about Oracle Linux, OpenStack, docker and other new technologies. 

    There's simply no other event in Europe where developers, sys admins, architects and all levels of technical talent gather together under one roof for education, collaboration and problem-solving to further the Linux platform.

    Visit us at Booth #23!



    Friday Oct 02, 2015

    Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0.6 Now Available!

    Oracle has released VirtualBox 5.0 Maintenance Release 6.

    This release is a major improvement which include a large number of changes and bug fixes; between the others I would like to mention big improvements we did on Microsoft Windows 10 RTM (Release 10240) platform ( as guest and host platform ) and, at the same time, further important steps on the new OS X platform, officially released by Apple not more than two days ago. MAC OS X 10.11 El-Capitan, starting from VirtualBox 5.0.6 release is officially supported as host platform.

    See all the details here with a complete list of bug fixes; here you can find all the links to download the software.

    The Oracle VirtualBox Team

    Friday Spotlight: Oracle Linux, Virtualization, and OpenStack Showcase at OOW15

    Happy Friday everyone!

    Today's topic will be about our amazing showcase at Oracle OpenWorld, Oct 25-29. The Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack showcase is located in Moscone South, booth #121, featuring Oracle product demos and Partners.  In past years, our showcase had been a great location to see demos of Oracle Linux and Oracle VM as well as solutions from our Partners. This year, it is expanded with Oracle OpenStack product demos and a theatre. Here's a list of the Oracle and Partner kiosks, don't forget to visit and talk to one of the experts that can help you out with your questions:

    • SLX-007 - Access Applications Securely with Oracle Secure Global Desktop
    • SLX-008 - Oracle VM VirtualBox
    • SLX-009 - Enhance Security and Reduce Costs Using Zero-Downtime Updates with Oracle Linux and Ksplice
    • SLX-010 - Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux  -Enterprise Ready
    • SLX-011 - Oracle Linux for the Cloud-Enabled Data Center
    • SLX-012  - Develop and Distribute Containerized Applications with Oracle Linux
    • SLX-013 - Oracle VM Server for x86
    • SLX-014 - Oracle VM Server for SPARC  

    The table below lists the featured Partners and their solutions:

    The Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and OpenStack Showcase will also include an in-booth theatre for Partners and Oracle experts to share their solutions to customers and partners, alike. For the latest listing of theatre sessions currently confirmed please refer to the Schedule Builder

    Don't forget to visit us at Moscone South #121, we will giveaway some great software (keeping it as a surprise- you need to come and see) and be in the drawing for our famous penguins and and Intel Mini PC - NUC appliance where you can use it for set top boxes to video surveillance, and home entertainment systems to digital signage, it is one appliance that can do it all.

    Register today.

    Wednesday Sep 30, 2015

    Hiring an Oracle VM Server for SPARC Curriculum Developer

    Oracle VM Server for SPARC is highly efficient, enterprise-class virtualization enabling the creation of 128 virtual servers on one system, leveraging Oracle's SPARC servers and the Oracle Solaris operating system.

    Oracle is looking for a motivated individual to extend our Oracle VM Server for SPARC customer technical training.

    The successful candidate will:

    • Have significant experience designing and developing customer training
    • Have technical competence in areas including the Solaris operating system, system administration, virtualization and networking
    • Be able to write clear and precise technical instructions in fluent professional English
    • Have a high level of technical autonomy to design, develop and maintain complex training environments
    • Be passionate in continuing to learn new technologies

    If you have the relevant experience, apply for this position on Oracle's Career Site, searching for requisition numbers 15001B6T or I5001B6I.

    For more information on Oracle Virtualization, go to

    Tuesday Sep 29, 2015

    The September 2015 Oracle Virtualization Newsletter is Now Available

    The September 2015 edition of the Oracle Virtualization Newsletter is now available! In this issue, read about:

    • Oracle OpenWorld 2015
    • The latest update to Oracle VM VirtualBox
    • Oracle VM Windows Paravirtual (PV) Drivers 3.2.3 Signed by Microsoft
    • Oracle VM Templates for Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.3 now available on Oracle VM Server for SPARC
    • Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 Quarterly Update 6 now available for Oracle VM Server 3.3
    • Oracle VM Server for x86 3.3.3 Released
    • And more...

    You can read the latest edition online right now, or subscribe to get it automatically sent to your inbox. Enjoy! 



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