Thursday Jan 24, 2013

New Oracle VM Templates Available for Oracle Exalogic

New Oracle VM Templates for several Oracle Applications are now available for Oracle Exalogic.

These include

Extending the same ease of use and peace of mind of certification with existing Oracle VM Templates, these new templates are pre-configured, pre-tested for rapid application deployment to your Oracle Exalogic environment.

See how you can reduce deployment time from weeks and days to hours and minutes.

Read the press release.

Read more about time savings findings in the Evaluator Group report: “Oracle VM – Quantifying the Value of Application Driven Virtualization

Tuesday Jan 22, 2013

Announcing Oracle VM 3.2 - Delivers Unified Management and Enhanced Automation Capabilities for x86 Servers and SPARC Servers

We are pleased to announce Oracle VM 3.2, which delivers unified management and enhanced automation capabilities for x86 servers and SPARC servers. Read the blog here for a detailed list of the new features.

The new software highlights:

  • Unified server virtualization management for x86 and SPARC
  • MySQL database support as the management database with automated backup
  • Greater automation with Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Lots of manageability, usability, scalability and robustness improvements to help users manage their large and growing environments
One of the key enhancements is the ability to discover and manage Oracle VM Server for SPARC, thus creating a single management console for both SPARC and x86 virtual machines. Users can create SPARC server pools, virtual machines, as well as manage networking and storage in the same way this is done for x86 environments. In addition, SPARC users can quickly provision new virtual machines from assemblies and template in the same simple way as it is done for x86. This allows deploying applications in minutes and significantly improves productivity for SPARC users.

Please review the white paper below to get started with the new capability of Oracle VM Manager:

The nice thing about the unified management capability from Oracle VM Manager is the common management framework, and it is the same set of APIs that apply to both x86 and SPARC server virtualization. For example,  full command-line support enables easy automation at the Oracle VM Manager level. Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface (CLI) supports the same functions as the Oracle VM Manager browser interface. Common tasks can be scripted and fully automated, saving time and lowering the risk of human error. You learn one set of APIs, but you have the flexibility to manage both x86 and SPARC server virtualization.

You may want to enroll the training courses offered by Oracle University to get more from your Oracle VM infrastructure: 

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Monday Jan 21, 2013

Webcast - Oracle VM Disaster Recovery Best Practices Implementation with State University of New York

Please tune into the live webcast at 10 am US Pacific on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 to learn the best practices about the disaster recovery planning and implementation with Oracle VM. You can register the webcast here.

Join Greg King, Principal Best Practices Consultant from Oracle, author of the technical white paper Integrating Oracle VM into a Disaster Recovery Solution using SAN and Joe Hoot, Supervising Programmer Analyst for the State University of New York (SUNY) to learn about how he and his IT team implemented Disaster Recovery with Oracle VM to deliver IT services for 450,000 students, library systems for 64 campuses and deliver online courses available to 256,000 students for distance learning.

  • Best practices on Disaster Recovery with Oracle best practice engineer
  • Why SUNY selected Oracle VM and how they rolled out virtualization to their datacenter to host over 300 Oracle Database instances and application workloads
  • How SUNY designed and implemented Disaster and Recovery with Oracle VM and the Oracle application stack
  • Key successes from SUNY for highly available IT services

Oracle offers a complete product portfolio that includes applications, middleware, database, operating systems, servers, storage, and even thin clients — along with across the stack virtualization and clustering technologies that are optimized to work together. Oracle VM 3 is simply one piece of a very complex puzzle that must be integrated along with other disaster recovery software and applications into an overall business continuity solution for your enterprise. Through the webcast and the white paper, hope you'll learn how to incorporate Oracle VM  into an existing or planned disaster recovery solution in your data center.

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Thursday Jan 03, 2013

Free Oracle VM Training for Sys Admins - Jan 15, 2013

Join us for the Virtual Sys Admin Days and get hands-on experience with Oracle VM, Oracle Linux, and Oracle Solaris. These free events will be hosted by Oracle experts who can guide you through your hands on labs and answer any questions via live chat.

See the complete Agenda.

Choose the date that is most convenient for you!

Americas - Tuesday January 15th, 2013

9:00 a.m – 1:00 p.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. ET / 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. BRT

EMEA -  Tuesday January 29th, 2013

9:00 a.m – 13:00 p.m GMT / 10:00 a.m – 14:00 p,m CET / 12:00 p.m – 16:00 p.m AST / 13:00 p.m – 17:00 p,m MSK / 14:30 p.m – 18:30 p.m IST

Register Now.

To make the experience most productive some homework is required. Load the virtual machine images on your laptop, find the instructions, and make sure everything is working properly. The wiki explains what you need to do.

Register for the Sys Admin Day.


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