Monday Jun 01, 2015

Oracle Solaris Studio: Optimal Java Performance and Remote Development

Two more new videos highlighting the capabilities of the Oracle Solaris Studio developer toolsuite: the first one covers how to quickly identify and optimize performance hotspots in Java applications.  The second one discusses how you can use Oracle Solaris Studio from virtually any laptop or desktop environment to develop enterprise applications for Oracle Solaris and Linux.

These join over a dozen existing videos on the Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 release, which you can conveniently access from the Oracle Solaris YouTube channel.

Learn more: Oracle Solaris Studio

Tuesday May 19, 2015

Making OpenStack Secure and Compliant for the Enterprise

Fresh video from today's session at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver: Markus Flierl, Vice President, Oracle Solaris Core Technologies, discusses Oracle's OpenStack offerings and how they're ideally suited for mission-critical cloud computing.

As the title suggests, there's an emphasis on both security and compliance issues, topics frequently on the mind of public and private cloud developers and administrators.

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Monday Mar 16, 2015

OpenStack: We'll Make Pets Great

In case you missed it: at the most recent OpenStack Summit in Paris, Oracle's Eric Saxe, HP's Michael Aday, and Intel's Nigel Clark gave a talk on how OpenStack, often considered to be focused primarily on "cattle" deployments, is becoming more and more applicable to "pet" applications as well.

Some of you might be asking what that even means. Simply put, "cattle" deployments are those suited to instances that can be created and destroyed as needed.  "Pet" deployments tend to be set up on long-lived servers.  This is based on a whimsical rule of thumb: did you give your deployment servers cute names, as you might a pet, or do they just have automatically generated instance IDs?

If that doesn't explain it sufficiently, just give the video a watch.

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Friday Mar 13, 2015

Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 Technical Mini-Casts

This is a series of 11 audioless screencasts explaining various features of Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4.  Topics include basic features and interesting details of the IDE, thread analysis, and memory leak detection.  They're all quick and to the point; most of them are under two minutes.

If you want to see why Oracle Solaris Studio is an essential product for Oracle Solaris and Linux developers, this is a great series to take a look at.

Learn more: Oracle Solaris Studio

Tuesday Mar 10, 2015

SPARC Software in Silicon Film Festival

Over at Oracle University, they've produced several short videos talking about the upcoming SPARC M7 processor and its revolutionary Software in Silicon technology.

If you're a developer, the key thing you should know is that access to this technology is available today, via the Software in Silicon cloud.  You can take your existing programs and run them as-is and see how they run, or you can start to play with some of the new performance and security technologies.

If you want to learn more, take a look at the videos, or follow the links below.  Plus, be sure to sign up for the webinar on March 18th!

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Friday Aug 29, 2014

Oracle ZFS Storage: Powered by Oracle Solaris

Did you know that the first systems to ship with Solaris 11 were Sun's "Unified Storage Systems" -- back in 2008?  Yep, that's three years before its official general release, to get to the capabilities and scalability the Solaris 11 kernel had built in as soon as possible.

This is the design decision that's at the heart of the current generation of these products, the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance. Bob Handlin has put together three short videos that highlight the capabilities of this product line, and how it's ideal for virtualization / cloud environments.

Unlocking VMware with Oracle ZFS Storage:

Virtualization and Cloud with Oracle ZFS Storage:

VMware Analytics with Oracle ZFS Storage:

Thursday Jul 31, 2014

Disaster Recovery with Oracle Solaris Cluster

Steve McKinty and Eve Kleinknecht from the Oracle Solaris Cluster team discuss the challenges of Disaster Recovery and how the latest Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.2 release helps increase service resiliency and uptime across outages and disasters.

Learn more: Oracle Solaris Cluster

Thursday May 15, 2014

Oracle Solaris 11.2 at the Atlanta OpenStack Summit

Markus Flierl gives a quick overview of how we've integrated OpenStack into Oracle Solaris, at the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta this week.

Friday May 02, 2014

Videos: Oracle Solaris 11.2 and More

If you're looking for more information about Oracle Solaris 11.2, and video happens to be your favorite medium, then you're in luck.  The Oracle Solaris YouTube channel is now stocked with links to plenty of videos, both short and long, covering the key new features that have been introduced this week.  And if you're in the mood for whimsy, you can join Sofia in her quest to help her daddy figure out this whole "cloud" thing.

Now, where did that button go...?

Tuesday Feb 18, 2014

Some New Old Solaris Videos, Plus Some Old New Ones

A few unfortunate events took place that hammered the contents of this blog, which we're in the process of fixing.

(In case you care about the minutiae: Many of the videos were stored on a non-Sun/Oracle repository, which recently decided it didn't want to be in that business any more; a lot of the posts used internal embedding codes to link to some other video sites, and those codes were no longer working; and, just to make things more fun, the email address that the notifications for these problems went to was also incorrect.  Argh.)

There were a lot of videos here, so this isn't a quick thing, but you'll see more and more of the blog posts get repopulated over time.  (Here's a list of what's been restored so far.)

You can help us out: If you see a post that looks interesting, but the video isn't showing up, leave a comment on that post and we'll move it up the priority list.

So that takes us up to late 2010.  What about any more recent videos?  Well, it turns out we also have a YouTube channel, which you are invited to subscribe to.  That's where a lot of the videos from the above-mentioned defunct repository are now hosted, plus some other new content, which we'll be adding more to.

You can help us out some more: What new Oracle Solaris videos would you like to see?  There's a lot that's been going on recently, there are some new announcements we've made, and we just plain may have missed some topics. Tell us what you want to see more about, and we'll see if we can get something going.  One easy way to do that is to leave a comment on this post.

And if that's not enough, why not check out the OTN Garage YouTube channel?

Thanks for tuning in!


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