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Improved Windowing and Navigation in Visual Builder Studio

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

The new Redwood-based design time environment for visual applications in Visual Builder Studio doesn't just look nicer, it also streamlines your work as a developer. Here are some tips that will help you leverage the new environment. 

New Visual Editor Layout

All the building blocks that make up a visual application page - such as variables, actions, events, etc - are easily accessible from a new tab bar at the top of the editor. In addition this tab shows a count of artifacts in each category, and highlight any areas where the auditing system identified errors or missing things - highlighting them with a red underline.

Artifacts bar.

New Windowing Layout

You can easily collapse and expand the windows in your environment by clicking on them. This helps get more editing space for the visual editor and to hide windows that are not relevant to your current work.

Resize Windows


You'll also notice that the component palette and the structure pane now occupy the same space. Note however that you can still drag and drop UI components from the component palette to the structure window - start dragging a component and you'll see the structure window becoming active.

Drag and Drop

Context Aware Operations

Visual Builder Studio streamlines your development further by providing easier access to operations in specific context. For example, when you create an action chain and drop an action to call a JavaScript module - you can create the JS module directly from the action's property inspector. Further more, you can directly navigate to that function from the same location. Note how the live audit highlights missing things in actions settings - for example if an assignment is missing in an assign variable action, or a JS function in a call JS module action.

Context Actions

These new features and many other "small" enhancements result in a smoother development experience that we hope you'll enjoy and benefit from.

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