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Oracle Visual Builder Platform May Release - New Features

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

We are rolling out the latest update to Visual Builder and Visual Builder Studio this month. You can already leverage those in Visual Builder Studio, and we are in the process of rolling those out to all the VB instances too. In this blog we highlight key new features. You can learn more about them in the upcoming VB Office Hours meeting join us online or catch the replay.

Application Development Features

Oracle JET 10 Support

The new version includes Oracle JET 10 which adds new components and new capabilities for existing components - see the JET 10 release notes. One key capability is theming of the Redwood theme with CSS variables. In addition you can now leverage a dark background mode available for various JET components.

Dark Mode for Oracle JET

Oracle JET Dynamic Components

The Oracle JET Dynamic Components include a table and a form that change the fields they display dynamically based on rules you define. These rules can evaluate built-in attributes such as the user's role or the size of the device accessing the app, and then decide which fields to show and which to hide. An additional component - the dynamic container - lets you control the content of areas on your page based on a set of cases you define. These components are available from the component exchange in Visual Builder. Keep an eye on this blog for future entries that will teach you how to use them.

Dynamic Component Configuration

Improved Navigate Action

A new navigate action lets you navigate from a page to another page and also to another flow. We also improved the navigate back action to allow you to pass parameters to the page you are navigating to. 

Barcode Scan Action

The new built in action accepts an image of a barcode or QR code and will return its value. Note that this action works  in Chrome browsers only at the moment.

New Actions

Business Objects Enhancements

You can now delete BOs even if they are referred to by other BOs (we'll remove the connecting field for you). Another small enhancement is that numeric fields are now showing up as "regular" numbers in the REST queries returned from BOs.

Git Improvements

New Git options are available in the workspaces in Visual Builder Studio. They include add and rollback options at file levels, and cherry pick of specific commits to merge into your code.

A new Git history tab in the workspace shows you all the Git activities done on your code.

Git Rollback

Usability Improvements

We added a search filter for variables in the variables tab and in the assign variable action making it easier to reach the variable you are after. Another filter for searching across actions in the action chain diagram will let you easily navigate your business logic actions. 

Search Action Chains

Workspace Actions

The activity stream in Visual Builder Studio's project home page now includes workspace related activities, helping you track team activities related to Visual Application development.

DevOps Features

We are also continuing to enhance the CI/CD capabilities of Visual Builder Studio including:

User Groups

Define groups and map users to them in Visual Builder Studio. Use these groups in your project for actions such as adding all the group members to a project with a specific role, or assign merge requests to specific groups. This simplifies management for organizations with large number of developers.

Main Branch

The default branch name in your Git repositories is now main (instead of master) - this aligns with the terminology changes happening across the Git community. 

On a related note, you can now indicate a default branch in your git repository into which the workspace's Publish operation will generate merge requests. 

Updated Software Template

As with every Visual Builder Studio release, we have updated various software bundles included on our build servers. For some of these software bundles, automatic updates will now happen and VBS will download the latest version available in public repositories - this way you don't need to wait for our next release to leverage the latest features of the software/API.

There's More

There are many other features in this release - learn about them in our "What's New" documentation and the links it provides for the new features.

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