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  • May 23, 2018

Using Mobile Cloud Backend API in Visual Builder Mobile App

Srini Indla
Director of Product Management

This blog provides details about using MCS/OMCe back-ends in Visual Builder (VB) mobile apps. We will walkthrough the steps of configuring VB service connections and using the data from MCS to build a simple mobile app.

MCS Mobile Backend(MBE) Configuration:

Identify the MBE you want to use in your app and get the following information from the MBE API & Settings:

1. Service URI:

Navigate to the API section of your MBE to get the base URI for the end point 

Service URI screen shot


2. Mobile Backend(MBE) ID 

Get MBE ID from the Settings section as shown in the screenshot below

3. Authentication details

Identify authentication mechanism used to secure the MBE. Typically, any mobile user defined in the Users section of the back-end

Service Connection Configuration:

1. Create a Visual App

2. Create a Service Connection  using Define by End Point option. This experience is going to get much better in a upcoming release but for now follow the steps below  













3. Configure Base URI using the Base URI from step#2 in MBE Configuration section









4. Configure MBE Id as Request Header 











5. Authentication

From the Authentication mechanism drop down select Basic and configure the user name and credentials for the mobile user from step #3 in MCS MBE configuration section. 


6. Use the Test tab to test the end point. Use Copy to Response Body option to create the resource definition from the response  











Create Mobile App UI

1. Create a mobile app & select navigation template

2. Select a page template

3. Add Listview from the component palette to the page and select AddData from the quick start menu

4. Select the end point configured in the Service Connection Configuration section to bind data to the Listview









5. Run the app to preview in the browser using the play button on the top right





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Comments ( 2 )
  • Vidhya Valantina Venkatesh Thursday, May 24, 2018
    Hi Srini,

    I have tried this and it works for Basic Authentication as you have mentioned. But how can get the user credentials at run time from the User, so that I can verify the login ? My query is basically how to dynamically pass the MCS user credentials instead of statically storing it in the Service Connection. Can you please help me with that?

    Vidhya Venkatesh
  • Srini Thursday, May 24, 2018
    Hi Vidhya,
    In the current release, at runtime you can only use Oracle Cloud login. When you deploy the app on to a device, you will be shown Oracle Cloud login screen to authenticate the user.
    In an upcoming release we will be providing a basic-auth support that will allow you to capture the end user credentials and propagate the basic-auth headers to MCS backend. Stay tuned I will put out a blog post when this is ready

    SRINI INDLA - Oracle
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