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Using GitLFS for Git Binary File Management with Visual Builder Studio

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

As a best practice your Git repository shouldn't include large binary files - since you usually don't actually manage the content of these files in a similar way to source code files. But sometime these files are part of your code base, and you would like to track them along with the rest of your code. GitLFS - an open source project - helps in doing this in an efficient way. The latest version of Oracle Visual Builder Studio added support for using GitLFS.

Git Large File Storage (LFS) replaces large files such as audio samples, videos, datasets, and graphics with text pointers inside Git, while storing the file contents on a remote server. Visual Builder Studio will store the files in your Oracle Cloud Object Storage.

In the demo below you can see how easy it is to use GitLFS with your free Git repositories in Visual Builder Studio.

After you download and install GitLFS on your client, you can add it to a specific Git repo by issuing a "git lfs install" in the directory into which you cloned your repository.

Then indicate which files to track using commands such as "git lfs track *.bin".

Add the new .gitattributes file to your git transaction, and that's it.

From now on, when you add files of the specific type to your git repo - they will be stored outside of your git repo.

Here is a quick demo - 

For more info see our doc.


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