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Introduction to Nested Flows in Oracle Visual Builder

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

One of the new features in the December release of Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service is the new Nested Flows concept. Nested flows (also known as sub-flows) provide another level of encapsulation for your application. You define sub-flows inside another flow, and then you can include these flows in the pages that make up your master flow. Sub-flows are included inside your page leveraging a new flow container layout component.

The idea is to allow you to break down specific functionality in your application into a unit that you can work on as an independent flow. This is quite useful in Single Page Applications, as it allows you to stay in the context of a page and still present context related information in a section of the page. It also allows a level of reusability since the same sub-flow can be included in multiple pages in the "master" flow.

In the demo video below you can see the basics of creating nested flows, defining the page properties and containing area, designing the UI for the sub-flows, and adding navigation inside the sub-flows. Then we show how to add navigation from a containing page to dynamically decide which flow would be shown in the flow container area.

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