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Debugging PWA Apps on Android

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

Visual Builder makes it very easy to create a deploy a mobile application using the Progressive Web Application (PWA) packaging on your device. But what happens if the app doesn't function properly when it is running on your device? How do you troubleshoot the issues? The quick demo shows how to use the Chrome tools to debug your app as it is running on your Android device.

Start by connecting your mobile device to your computer using a data USB cable. Make sure that your device is recognized by your computer and also make sure that USB Debugging is turned on on your mobile device. The way you enable USB debugging on a device depends on the specific device/os version - so google your specific device instructions.

Now open the Chrome browser on your computer and type - chrome://inspect/#devices

This will bring up a list of all the browser windows currently open on your device. When you'll start your PWA application, you'll see it added to the list of windows. Click the inspect option next to it, and a full previewer will show up along with the chrome developer tools next to it.

Now you can use the regular techniques for debugging Visual Builder apps using the console to track your network calls and the log from your action chains and application interactions.

By the way, the video shows that data for the app is coming from the cache on the device after the first fetch, this is achieved using the new client side caching setting on Visual Builder Business Objects - something that can reduce the amount of data transfer your mobile app requires.



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