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  • May 7, 2018

A New Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud Service - Visual and Coding Combined

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

We are happy to announce the availability of Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) - Oracle's visual low-code development platform for JavaScript based applications with built-in autonomous capabilities.

Over the past couple of years, the visual development approach of VBCS has made it a very attractive solution to citizen developers who leveraged the no-code required nature of the platform to build their custom applications.

Many professional developers also expressed interest in the visual development experience they saw, but they were looking for additional capabilities.

Specifically developers were demanding an option to have direct access to the code that the visual tools created so they can change it and enhance it with their own custom code to achieve richer behaviors.

With the new VBCS version we are addressing these demands adding direct access to manipulate code, while keeping the low-code characteristics of VBCS.

Visual and Code Based Development Combined

Just like in previous versions, constructing the UI is done through a visual WYSIWYG layout editor. Existing VBCS users will notice that they now have access to a much richer set of UI components in the component palette. In fact they now have access to all of the components offered by Oracle JET (Oracle's open-source JavaScript Extension Toolkit). In addition you can add more components to the palette using the Web-components standard based Oracle JET composite components architecture (CCA).

The thing to note about the visual editor is the new "Code" button at the top right, clicking this button will give professional developers direct access to the HTML code that makes up the page layout.  They'll be happy to discover that the code is pure HTML/JavaScript/CSS based - which will let them leverage their existing expertise to further enhance and customize it. Developers can directly manipulate that code through the smart code editor leveraging features such as code insight, syntax highlighting, doc access, and reformatting directly in their browser.

The visual development approach is not limited to page layouts. We extend it also to the way you can define business logic. Defining the flow of your logic is done through our new action flow editor. With a collection of operations that you can define in a declarative way, and the ability to invoke your specific JavaScript code for unique functionality.

Now that developers have direct access to the code, we also added integration with Git, leveraging the private Git repositories provided through Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS). Teams can now leverage the full set of Agile methodology capabilities of DevCS when working on VBCS applications, including issue tracking, version management, agile planning and code review processes.

Mobile and Web Development Unified

With the new version of VBCS we further integrated the development experience across both web browser-based and on-device mobile applications. 

In the same project you can create both types of applications, leveraging the same development approach, application architecture, UI components, and access to custom business objects and external REST services.

Once you are done developing your mobile application, we'll package it for you as an on-device mobile app that you install, test, and run on your devices - leveraging the native look and feel provided by Oracle JET for the various mobile platforms.

Standard-Based Data Openness

With the new version you can now hook up VBCS to any REST data source with a few button clicks, leveraging a declarative approach to consuming external REST source in your application. VBCS is able to parse standard Swagger based service descriptors for easy consumption. Even if you don't have a detailed structure description for a service, the declarative dialog in VBCS makes it easy to define the access to any service, including security settings, header and URL parameters, and more. VBCS is smart enough to parse the structure returned from the service and create variables that will allow you to access the data in your UI with ease.

Let's not forget that VBCS also lets you define your own custom reusable business services. VBCS will create the database objects to store the information in these objects, and will provide you with a powerful secure set of REST services to allow you to access these objects from both your VBCS and external applications.

Visual Builder Cloud Service Goes Autonomous

Today’s Visual Builder Cloud Service release also has built-in autonomous capabilities to automate and eliminate repetitive tasks so you can instead focus on app design and development.

Configuring and provisioning your service is as easy as a single button click.All you need to do is tell us the name you want for your server, and with a click of a button everything is configured for you. You don't need to install and configure your underlying platform - the service automatically provision for you a database, an app hosting server, and your full development platform.

One click install

The new autonomous VBCS eliminates any manual tasks for the maintenance of your development and deployment platforms. Once your service is provisioned we'll take care of things like patching, updates, and backups for you.

Furthermore autonomous VBCS automatically maintains your mobile app publishing infrastructure. You just need to click a button and we'll publish your mobile app to iOS or Android packages, and host your web app on our scalable backend services that host your data and your applications. 

For more about the benefits of Oracle's Autonomous Cloud Services visit this page.

But Wait There is More

There are many other new features you'll find in the new version of Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service. Whether you are a seasoned JavaScript expert looking to accelerate your delivery, a developer taking your first steps in the wild world of JavaScript development, or a citizen developer looking to build your business application - Visual Builder has something for you.

So take it for a spin - we are sure you are going to enjoy the experience.

For more information and to get your free trial visit us at http://cloud.oracle.com/visual-builder



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Comments ( 2 )
  • John Thomas Thursday, September 26, 2019
    Is this Apex in the cloud?
  • Shay Thursday, September 26, 2019
    John - this is not APEX - it is a separate unrelated offering focused on JavaScript/HTML/REST development.
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