Second day of the Induction Program (28th July 2008,Bangalore)

Let me begin my blog by making a confession, that by this day I was so excited to learn new things, listen to great minds talk passionately about the bleeding egde of technology and spend more time with my new friends that I did not sleep the whole night. I woke very early in the morning, woke up everyone else in my flat enthusiastically (I am sure they must have hated me for doing that.. sorry guys!!)..
We reached the venue, took our seats for another brain storming day which could have no better beginning than Gary addressing us on the CA program, FY09. He told us that we (the Indian CAs) consist of one-fifth of the total number of CAs all around the globe and thus we have an important role to play. He talked about the various goals the company has set and how we will help the company to achieve them in our little ways, as Sun Microsystems was formed by four students of Stanford University and still derives a lot of inputs from the student fraternity. So we do have an important role in evangelizing Open Source technologies back in our colleges.
After Gary’s inspiring and refreshing talk, we had Srinidhi who told us about JAVA which had the interest of almost everyone present in the auditorium since it is preferred by all to any other programming language. He talked about its various features like it is platform independent, secure, has no problems of malloc/calloc etc. He mentioned the uses of the different versions of JAVA like ‘enterprise, standard and micro editions’ in the industry.
Then, we had Mr.Anoop talk about the Sun Certification exams and how important they can be for us in future because of the value addition they do to our technical abilities. Pearl talked to us about “Enhancing presentation skills” and gave us a lot of ideas about how to go about things smoothly, increasing level of confidence, keeping cool if things are out of hand and how we should be our own roadies. We all a good time listening to her but she couldn’t finish her talk as we were running low on time. Then we had a fun session organized by Ankit and Abhishek where we had to claim for a bottle of packaged water by giving cheesy answers. I was also chosen as one of the participants unfortunately in the event and did make a fool of myself in front of everyone by saying that I wanted the bottle most as I wanted to be like Angad (who was coincidentally drinking water from a bottle of the same brand, Thank God for that!!!) as he was the 'CA of the month' and a Netbeans expert. Gary finally got to keep the bottle as he won the game hands on. But we did have some great fun listening to people coming up with cool answers like Rashmi said she wanted to feed it to Glassfish, Lalith did a mono-act etc. and Ganesh said that he wanted to resolve the water fight between two states.
After this we all had a lab session on Netbeans and Open Solaris installation and then we left for the India Engineering Centre, Sun Microsystems’ office in Bangalore. It was like a dream come true for me as I had waited for this day all along this time. We were taken inside the Data centre which was a huge place full of servers and wires which were helping run millions of computers all over the world. It was an absolutely overwhelming experience for all of us. We were also given a demo of the Ning community and how we were supposed to use it. Then, we taken to Eva Mall to this really chic restaurant called “Café Masala” where we had the time of our lives. Apart from the amazing food, ambience, crowd, and not to forget a chocolate fountain we played this ‘nickname game’ which was Ganesh’s idea where we all were rechristened with new names given to us by everyone else. Gary was called “Godfather”, Ganesh was “Teddy bear” and many others like Olive oyl, Dexter, Hulk, Sub-title, Uncle, Tweety etc. to name a few. I was given the nickname “Mentos” and now that is what has become my identity in the Ning community… :P
This day was so much fun and action-packed that I don’t think I’ll be ever able to ‘delete’ it from my memory. The much awaited Induction program was actually happening and must say it was “HAPPENING”!!!!........

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