Saturday Apr 18, 2009

Facebook Quizzes developed by me

The day I realized that I was wasting lot of time on Facebook taking
those stupid quizzes, I also realised that I was not the only one
doing so! So I though we could make some fun quizzes on OpenSolaris,
MySQL, JavaFX and other sun technologies and use it for viral
marketing. So I started with this quizz What OpenSolaris user are you?

Try this out at and let
me know if you like it. It already has 83 users as of now and the numbers are growing every day.

 I also made a quiz after the great response from the above quiz called "What would be my top reason to join OSUM?"  which has become quite popular too.

I truly feel that these viral marketing strategies will take the name of Open Source technologies far and wide!!...

Read Gary's Blog here about it.

Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

NetBeans 6.1, me and my sister who hated programming once upon a time!!!!!!

My sister Harshita studying in Class 11th, who is an excellent student with a very sharp mind (unlike me :P), has taken an extreme dislike for computers (unlike me again) thanks to her dull teacher at school plus her biggest complain was that she hated the typical blue Turbo C++ compiler with the various over coloured characters in all weird combinations....
As an over-enthusiastic evangelist that I am :P , I sent her a NetBeans CD along with Cygwin and asked her to install it on our home PC. Abhishek offered to help us out with it too over a telephonic conference call... It was a painful process and it took us ages over the phone (since I study in Manipal which is around three thousand kilometres from my home), installing Java first, followed by setting the path, variable etc etc as she was completely unaware of all these stuff.
Finally when she had successfully installed NetBeans 6.1 on the computer, we asked her to type a simple "Hello World" program although she was extremely reluctant at first. But after she saw the text editor area where all she had to do was start writing the code, not even write 'void main' and the thing which pleased her most was that as sson as she typed the opening double quotes symbol, the counter part i.e the closing double quotes came automatically!!!...I could hear her chuckling with happiness over the phone and she was "Man!!! I love this software!!!!" and she said she would practice all her C++ programs on it from now onwards.... She also told later on that she was having a great time programing and now she was actually enjoying something which she kind of hated a few days back....!!!!! :D
Everyone at home is extremely pleased at her newly grown interest in Computers and coding and hoping that, she will be upto some good with it in future.....
She also bragged about it to her friends at school who were extremely jealous of her knowledge of a cool software, so she claims. I have promised her to give a telephonic demo to all of them sometime and also give them NetBeans Cds so that they all can also benefit from its numerous features and make the process of coding in the same boring, cliched compiler, extremely interesting and alot of fun!!!!!.......... :P
Thank you NetBeans!!!!!
And also  wish you MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY!!!!!! :D
Way to go!!!!.....Rise And Shine!!!!! ....... HAPPY 10 !!!!!!!!!
Cheers to the Open Spirit!!!!!!................

Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

Second day of the Induction Program (28th July 2008,Bangalore)

Let me begin my blog by making a confession, that by this day I was so excited to learn new things, listen to great minds talk passionately about the bleeding egde of technology and spend more time with my new friends that I did not sleep the whole night. I woke very early in the morning, woke up everyone else in my flat enthusiastically (I am sure they must have hated me for doing that.. sorry guys!!)..
We reached the venue, took our seats for another brain storming day which could have no better beginning than Gary addressing us on the CA program, FY09. He told us that we (the Indian CAs) consist of one-fifth of the total number of CAs all around the globe and thus we have an important role to play. He talked about the various goals the company has set and how we will help the company to achieve them in our little ways, as Sun Microsystems was formed by four students of Stanford University and still derives a lot of inputs from the student fraternity. So we do have an important role in evangelizing Open Source technologies back in our colleges.
After Gary’s inspiring and refreshing talk, we had Srinidhi who told us about JAVA which had the interest of almost everyone present in the auditorium since it is preferred by all to any other programming language. He talked about its various features like it is platform independent, secure, has no problems of malloc/calloc etc. He mentioned the uses of the different versions of JAVA like ‘enterprise, standard and micro editions’ in the industry.
Then, we had Mr.Anoop talk about the Sun Certification exams and how important they can be for us in future because of the value addition they do to our technical abilities. Pearl talked to us about “Enhancing presentation skills” and gave us a lot of ideas about how to go about things smoothly, increasing level of confidence, keeping cool if things are out of hand and how we should be our own roadies. We all a good time listening to her but she couldn’t finish her talk as we were running low on time. Then we had a fun session organized by Ankit and Abhishek where we had to claim for a bottle of packaged water by giving cheesy answers. I was also chosen as one of the participants unfortunately in the event and did make a fool of myself in front of everyone by saying that I wanted the bottle most as I wanted to be like Angad (who was coincidentally drinking water from a bottle of the same brand, Thank God for that!!!) as he was the 'CA of the month' and a Netbeans expert. Gary finally got to keep the bottle as he won the game hands on. But we did have some great fun listening to people coming up with cool answers like Rashmi said she wanted to feed it to Glassfish, Lalith did a mono-act etc. and Ganesh said that he wanted to resolve the water fight between two states.
After this we all had a lab session on Netbeans and Open Solaris installation and then we left for the India Engineering Centre, Sun Microsystems’ office in Bangalore. It was like a dream come true for me as I had waited for this day all along this time. We were taken inside the Data centre which was a huge place full of servers and wires which were helping run millions of computers all over the world. It was an absolutely overwhelming experience for all of us. We were also given a demo of the Ning community and how we were supposed to use it. Then, we taken to Eva Mall to this really chic restaurant called “Café Masala” where we had the time of our lives. Apart from the amazing food, ambience, crowd, and not to forget a chocolate fountain we played this ‘nickname game’ which was Ganesh’s idea where we all were rechristened with new names given to us by everyone else. Gary was called “Godfather”, Ganesh was “Teddy bear” and many others like Olive oyl, Dexter, Hulk, Sub-title, Uncle, Tweety etc. to name a few. I was given the nickname “Mentos” and now that is what has become my identity in the Ning community… :P
This day was so much fun and action-packed that I don’t think I’ll be ever able to ‘delete’ it from my memory. The much awaited Induction program was actually happening and must say it was “HAPPENING”!!!!........

The First Day of the Induction Program (Bangalore)

I somehow managed to get out from my warm quilt after cajoling myself for a long time in the typical, chilly Bangalore morning and get ready for the first day of the Induction program. We had breakfast consisting of Dosas and hot tea (which was a big relief!!!) and left for MSRIT which was the venue for the program.
Here we were warmly welcomed by the Sun team consisting of Ganesh, Vijaya, Rajesh, CA coordinators and tech leads, given our offer letters and asked to introduce ourselves to everyone.
Then, began our formal initiation into Open source Technologies by an enthusiastic (read hyper-energetic) Abhishek who went on talking for ages but none of us could do anything but listen to him with rapt attention. He talked about the “Age of Participation” and how we have graduated from the “Age of Information” where information was broadcasted not shared or discussed. Apart from this, his main emphasis was of course Open Source technologies like Solaris, Netbeans, Java, Glassfish and many others. So much so that Ganesh had to interrupt him mid-way as he went going blah-blah with no stopping him( No offense Abhishek!! :P ).After his talk, Anil took stage and he gave us a talk on Open Solaris in detail, telling us about its salient features like Dynamic Tracing Toolkit, Zeta byte file system ( which he called the Nexgen File system) and various other cool things.
Then we had a Netbeans session by Angad Singh who is a tech lead for us (whom I also consider my mentor in the Sun team :D). He began the presentation by a really cheesy one liner which said “Netbeans is not same as coffee-beans!!!” and then took us on a ride exploring Netbeans and also demonstrated a piece of code using the same. It was pretty intriguing and it definitely caught my interest.
Next, we had another session on Solaris 10 also called as Indiana by Vijay Upreti, who also happens to be the person who had taken my interview during the CA selection. He talked about the enhanced features of the latest version of Solaris out now in the market. He showed us the same presentation which he usually gives to customers, so we felt quite privileged and honoured at the very thought of it.
The icing of the cake was the arrival of Gary, who suddenly came into the auditorium and addressed us for a couple of minutes. We all immediately fell in love with his friendly, funny and captivating personality.
Tirthankar (who insists on being called the “Photographer guy” :D) took the picture perfect snap which was just the right ending to an amazing, enlightening and enriching day…..

The Day before the Induction Program ( 26th July,2008 Bangalore)

I stepped out of the boundaries of my cozy and comforting hostel in Manipal, sat in the taxi to Mangalore airport, filled with a lot of apprehension, excitement, enthusiasm and in anticipation of the journey I was about to herald, which I didn’t know would change me, my life and my views in more ways than one.
My parents, thousands of miles away, were calling me every second possible to find out if I was safe and sound and constantly pouring words of advice into my ears over the phone much to my annoyance. :D But I guess parents will be parents…
Anyways, reached Bangalore, the hub of the Indian IT industry,which looks magical at night. But that day it had a veil of darkness on its face thanks to the hideous bomb blasts which shook the city, a day before.
Then I finally reached Orchid Inn, the place where all the CAs were being put up, after a couple of phone calls to Mr.Azeez and a few wrong turns. I was allotted a nice, posh flat with a TV (plus it also had a really cool couch :P ), where Shobhna and Nagratna where already staying. We started talking to each other and got friendly at once, and here I must add one thing I noticed in general about all the Campus Ambassadors, is that they were very friendly and went out of their ways to know each other better.
After this suddenly the lights went off and we were left in the cold, dark night at the mercy of a meager candle and no water in our flat. I was terribly hungry, sleepy and exhausted after the journey and wanted to go to bed as soon as possible.
Then, comes Abhishek, with a big smile on face, humbly apologizing to us about the slightly poor conditions and suggested we all meet our fellow CAs to make good use of our time .We also met Ankit, who had taken a bunch of CAs out for dinner. Both of these CA coordinators were extremely friendly and made us feel at home. Next, we had a small, informal, interactive session which was really interesting and a good way to break the ice between all of us. Dinner consisting of loads of yummy things, came a little later and we all didn’t waste even a second in finishing it off.. Then we reluctantly retired to our flats out of sheer necessity as tomorrow would be the first day of our Induction Program, the reason why we all had gathered from all over the country, beating the terror of bomb blasts, undertaking long journeys, yet feeling supremely confident, joyous and eager about the events going to happen in the next three days…
Such is the spirit of the CAs of Sun Microsystems that each and every CA appointed and invited for the program was present here, despite all odds, which I believe is an amazing feat!!!...I salute each and everyone involved in the program: Gary (the person whose presence made the program so much more special and interesting), Ganesh, Vijaya, Rajesh, Angad, Tirthankar( ya the “photographer guy” :D), Shyam and everyone else who left no stone unturned to make it a great success….Kudos to you all !!!!!! Cheers :D

Vasudha Amrit


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