Tuesday Jun 09, 2009

JavaFX Production Suite - Usages

The new samples are more complex than older once. And this is what we want. New features, not only need a sample to showcase but all the sample should be result oriented. Mean to say, it should do something with real world.

In the meantime, I can show you how interaction of JavaFX SDK increased with Production Suite. 

Lot of samples like Forecasting, BrickBreaker, SnakesNLadders are using Production Suite. They get the FXZ file from the designer and then do the animation job(logic coding) in JavaFX.

One I can explain of mine, Forecasting, though this sample is not complete but it uses FXZ file to a great extent. I got all the weather information in FXZ file by Charles, who is the graphics designer of this sample. Now, our idea is to animate weather conditions. According to the condition, we need to thought of animation.

For thunder, it looks something like this : 

Animation can be viewed in applet but I am just putting an image. Here there are three animation, 1. Shining of Sun 2. Left thunder spark 3. Right thunder spark.

Now, I have 5 layers of image in FXZ file, Sun, Sun Glow, Cloud, Left spark, right spark. On the basic of these, we decided what to animate when !

Final point is we need animation like opacity reduction or translation or both or rotating. Content once delivered to us in FXZ file, we can easily interoperable with FX code. The best way is to define layer names in FXZ file and use it in the code.

Sunday Dec 21, 2008

JavaFX Production Suite - Example.

One more example of JavaFX production Suite. Though the complete thing can be done in Photoshop alone but I am just giving an example. I have made a house in Photoshop, which is not very good :(, but fair enough. And I animated the star effect in JavaFX. 

So, here is my home in photoshop :

Actually this is funny, I was following a tutorial to make house and in temptation, I made shadow as well, but there is no meaning of shadow in night :). Now, I filled star sparking effect in this from JavaFX.

Filling star effect need same which we have written for sparkling glasses. Just some changes here and there. In the last blog we have already discussed how to import work from Photoshop.

Here are the things to download:

1. House in fxz format .

2. Code (Main.fx, Star.fx)

Lot many things can be done. But I don't know Photoshop.

Friday Dec 19, 2008

Designer + Developer + JavaFX

Here is the little discussion on Designer + Developer workflow in JavaFX. Powered with Project Nile, we can export data from PhotoShop or Illustrator. Actually the complete production suite is awesome and provide developer and designer to work in parallel. Here how it is :

So, Developer can work on the business logic and till that time designer can design the actually content for developer. Finally it will merge in a great style. 

 Basic Requirement to do :

1. JavaFX Production Suite : Download from the start section of javafx.com.

2. For Designer : Any tool, either PhotoShop CS3 or Illustrator CS3. Officially CS3 is the supported platform but it works for CS4 as well.

3. For Developer : Java FX SDK: Download from the start section of javafx.com

Now, I am going ahead with PhotoShop. Copy the plugin from JavaFX production suite to PhotoShop. Run the PhotoShop, in export it will give you a save option in JavaFX, which basically saves the file in fxz format(a new format, why Sun need a new format, there is a lot of discussion and Jeet has pointed some reason in his blog).

Alright, so work started : 

I was watching the batman movie, so decide to take his awesome car, which is here :

In photoshop, I have changed the hue and exported all in fxz format.

Then I made a Netbeans Project, Copy the fxz file into the project space. We can now click on fxz file, we can see the preview and code as well. Right now, if we put some of the complex features of PhotoShop, I am afaird to say JavaFX will not catch those changes.

So, my fxz file(JavaFX.fxz) looks like this :

 \* Generated by JavaFX plugin for Adobe Photoshop.
 \* Created on Fri Dec 19 19:17:33 2008
//@version 1.0

Group {
    clip: Rectangle { x:0 y:0 width:576 height:432 }
    content: [
        ImageView {
            opacity: 1.0
            x: 0
            y: 0
            image: Image {
                url: "{__DIR__}Background.png"

Actually in my case there was nothing, so it generated a simple code :).

Now, I have made another file, calling it CarRotate.fx :

package psfx;

import java.lang.\*;
import javafx.fxd.FXDLoader;
import javafx.scene.\*;
import javafx.scene.input.\*;
import javafx.scene.paint.Color;
import javafx.scene.shape.\*;
import javafx.stage.\*;

var group = Group {
    content: []
var fxdContent = FXDLoader.load("{__DIR__}JavaFX.fxz"); // loads the content
insert fxdContent into group.content; // inserts the fxd content into the group

Stage {
    title: "JavaFX Invaders"
    resizable: true
    width: 700
    height: 700
    onClose: function() { 
        System.exit (0);

    scene: Scene {
        content: [
            Rectangle {
                x: 330,
                y: 500
                width: 60,
                height: 30
                fill: Color.GRAY
                onMouseClicked: function( e: MouseEvent ):Void {
                    fxdContent.rotate = 90;

Some part of the code is point of interest :
  var group = Group {

    content: []


var fxdContent = FXDLoader.load("{__DIR__}JavaFX.fxz"); // loads the content

insert fxdContent into group.content; // inserts the fxd content into the group

Here I have loaded the .fxz file into var fxdContent which is a node and node means things are in our hand. I have simply written a rotate equation on a button click which is working nicely.

We can see the rotated car and hue which is the asset of PhotoShop in Green color. Huh, finally its done. Sorry, for posting bad example.


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