Monday Mar 16, 2009

Play with Space - JavaFX

Spring season is about to come and one can feel the coldness in air. Last week, I went to my home and that week was quite good for my sample writing. Able to finish some of my pending job. 

Back to JavaFX Samples, last week I saw a nice sample written in flash about the ball motion in 3-D space. I try to implement that idea in JavaFX. Code is little dirty, so I will post it later. 

This is how it looks (animation is important) :

To watch the animation, please launch this JNLP.

I hope, you will enjoy it ! 

1. There are 4 polygon, which covers the space, looks like a cricket net practice place :).

2. Launch button will give motion to ball, since the motion is not restored, pressing it again will not work.

3. var scale = z0 / (z0 + z); Scaling with proper value will provide the Z-Camera.

4. Gaussian Blur for shadow, which translate in 2-D and with same timeline.


Change in Blog : Adding source code :

1. Main File

2. Ball Throw

 This will allow you to relaunch the animation.

Thursday Jan 08, 2009

JavaFX - Samples + Usages.

Ah, finally I got JNLP working on my blog, thanks to Sergey and Vikram. I am posting some of my samples with JNLP as we can use as repository for JavaFX samples :). These all are old samples but just with JNLP, so that we can run and see the effect. 

1. Spring Motion : We can create n no. of instance of Spring class. Detail is here. This example deals with Motion, Gradient and Physics Equations.

2. 3D Button Effect:  This example is about PressButton and 3D shadow effect. Detail is here. Basic deals with Shadow Effect, Gradient, and Animation.

3. Glowing Stars in Sky: This example I have created with JavaFX Production Suite. So, we made a home in Photoshop and imported that in JavaFX and then star animation is written in JavaFX. Detail is here. This sample deals with JavaFX Production Suite, Animation, Timelines and Shapes.

4. Colliding Balls: This we have blogged some 4-5 days back. This is again a physics motion with a transparent window. Detail is here. Sample deals with Motion, Equation, Timelines and Gradient. Initial positions and colors are random, so can be wired at sometime + style: StageStyle.TRANSPARENT has been used, so we will not see any frame and so close button will be missing, please press Ctrl + F4 to close the application :). I guess, the good practice is to write esc. key event and call FX.exit().

5. Image Depth support in JavaFX:  Image depth setting or in some language we call it Z-Ordering is supported in JavaFX too. Last to last blog is about that, so here is detail. This sample basically deals with toFront and toBack API of Node and Animation(nothing cool in terms of Animation :D). 

6. Pendulum Motion with Gravity Controller: This is just the last blog. Detail is here. This sample deals with Motion, Gradient and Complex Equations, Binding Feature. I have changed the code little from the prev. blog. Now, it is transparent, so it will give us a better look :)

Feel free to share your experience. I hope all JNLP should work, if not please let me know. Some more I will add soon, actually all these are older samples, just tried to make repoistory, so that easy to find :).


Vaibhav Hi, I am Vaibhav Choudhary working in Oracle with JDK team. This blog is all about simple concept of Java, JVM and JavaFX.


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