Saturday Aug 30, 2008

BOJUG meet - 30th Aug.

Today we had a good BOJUG meet at Thoughtworks. I have presented my small JavaFX slides. Followed to that, Sathish has given a presentation on Bean Binding and Bean Validation. He talked about JSR 295 + JSR 303. Quite a handsome presentation. After this, Sriram has taken the presentation on Tomcat internal and it seems he really went into internal. He talked about how to write own ClassLoader in tomcat + how to provide a webapps on fly, many more. It was a nice presentation without presentation slides :-).

Here is my presentation. Please feel free to comment.

Thursday Aug 28, 2008

Next BOJUG meet

We are welcoming all the Java Engineers in Bangalore to join BOJUG. Its Bangalore Open Java Users Group. Before going into the schedule of this time meet, we motivate you to join the BOJUG group at: and Now, here are the talks of the week: 

The next Bangalore Open Java Users Group (BOJUG) (  meet has been planned for Saturday August 30, 2008,Time: 11.30 AM .


Thoughtworks Bangalore

Tower C, Corporate Block, Diamond District, Airport Road
Landmarks: The first set of buildings after the Indiranagar flyover,
opp to the TJIF restaurant.

Google Maps Location:,+bangalore&ie=UTF8&filter=0&ll=12.996864,77.651196&spn=0.075603,0.154495&z=13

Time: 11.30 AM
Session Details:

1. Java FX..Its just the beginning-Vaibhav Choudhary

JavaFX Preview SDK
NetBeans Compatibilty
Demo, Demo, Demo, Demo .. and only Demo. How to make timeline, reflection, constraint,easing, shapes, animation, Java AWT/Swing.
Last we will try to see how to use it in applet or any type of web code.

2. Beans Binding and Beans Validation- Sathish Kumar

Short discussion on the above topics

3. Tomcat Internals - Sriram Narayanan

In this talk, Sriram will cover in brief various Tomcat configuration issues (server.xml, how to avoid having to deploy during development
time, etc). He'll next cover interesting topics such as developing custom Tomcat components, and how the component assembly mechanism

Friday Jul 11, 2008

Applet and JavaFX and Confusion

Two weeks back in BOJUG meeting, I have seen lot many engineers getting confuse with JavaFX. They want to know how to run FX code in browser. Shall we use applet to run FX code. And many more. Though it tough to explain everything in a small presentation but Harish Singh and we have tried our best to explain some of the queries. Yes, FX can be very well run in an applet. I have written one HelloWorld type of example for running FX code inside applet. Its very well same. \*.fx file create a .class file and then handling in the same way as we do with .class file.

Here is a small code for "My Hello World" (HelloApplet.fx)

import javafx.ui.\*;

  content: Label {
    text: "My Hello world!"

Now you have to compile this with javafxc, so that we can use class file. For that you need to download javafx compiler, runtime and some more jars. From this link you can download it.

Now here is little tough part, making html file for applet :-). Tough because you get to know which jar files your code is using. And you will not get documents readily to say you which API belong to which package + API's in themselves are changing. So, you may not able to run your older codes. Anyway, I have written this html code(Hello.html):
    <applet code="javafx.ui.Applet" width=480 height=560
     archive="javafxrt.jar, Scenario.jar, javafxgui.jar, javafxc.jar, javafx-swing.jar, javafx.jar">
     <param name="AppletClass" value="HelloApplet"> 

Don't ask me why I have added some many archive. I got frustrated in knowing what residing where. And so, I have ended up adding all the jar that I have seen in the archive(in the link) :). Check it out, let me know if there exist any problem.

Surprisingly you can call Frame also from applet, check this code:

import javafx.ui.\*;
Frame {
   title: "Hello World F3"
   width: 200
   content: Label {
      text: "Hello World"
   visible: true
In the next blog I will also cover some other way to use on web.

Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

BOJUG meet at Sun Campus

Here is my last week BOJUG meet slides. I have talked on Java SE6u10 features. Thanks to all the participants and organizers. Nice to see lot of Non-Sun people in Sun Campus to attend the meet.

Thursday Jun 19, 2008

6u10 features - Presentation

Here is the presentation I made for the BOJUG meeting. It's not the final presentation. Please provide suggestions. I have tried to cover some of the important features of 6u10.


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