Tuesday Aug 11, 2009

User experience - More rich !

Finally Nancy got it done. Thanks ! 

It's very very important for us to know the correct method of shipping the application. Out of Browser feature is awesome but you can't simply expect Customer, End User to drag the applet out of browser by pressing Alt-Space. No, its just a way Java Runtime provide to us. In JavaFX, this feature is customizable up to an awesome extent. You can simply write 4-5 lines of code and make the applet draggable as you feel it should :D.

Here is one small article on same:


Maybe, I mentioned something like this in my prev. post, so can be repeated, but not truly  ! Have Fun !

Now again, we will talk about Customer, User look and feel. I bet most of us got bored watching rotating Java Logo and applet is taking time to load. JavaFX new feature is to use splash screen for that. Though here in this article you will get one static splash screen but no one can stop you making a dynamic gif splash screen. We will have that also in show case soon, till that time enjoy with this :


Do, leave your comments so that we get to know how pathetic we are and what is/are the improvement(s) required. thanks !

Thursday Apr 30, 2009

Complex Animation = "n" Basic Animation

Some developers ask me "what is the future of JavaFX". Actually I can't say, because I am not a future maker. But yes it depends how honest your effort is, how consistent your effort is. We are doing best from our side. Talks apart, we have published some more article on JavaFX official site. Basic and awesome :).

1. In any RIA language which provide a great easiness for developer, one of the most important things you know is how to manage animation and so, timeline. Nancy, has written detailed article on how to play with timeline : "Animation Basics for JavaFX Beginners"

2. She has written one more article on Reloading Data. Actually reloading is a tricky part not in terms of mind but in terms of ways to do. Sometime, you want ball to be at initial position, sometime you want it to be at random position, sometime final position is initial position.

These 2 articles are related and both as one give a good picture of animation.

3. Very important to know this. How to run JavaFX Application offline. Thomas, guru of JWS, has written one article speaking about what all things to take care when you want JavaFX Appliation to run offline. As most of us know, JavaFX has lot to do with deployJava.js, Java Logo Image.

 Have Fun !

Friday Apr 17, 2009

Bullet Graph - RIA + JavaFX !

Finally we are able to finish one more article on Data Representation. My special thanks to Stephen Few who has written the concept of Bullet Graph. An awesome way to represent lot of data in one screen. Basically used on Executive Dashboard to compare between predicted value and actual done.

In terms of Animation, this is different in comparison with other Data Rep. Articles. Here the data loading is sequential in nature. Actually if someone is making it for presentation purpose, the best way is to show the animation on Key hit, very similar to what we do in ODP or PPT presentations.Some small code of AppletExtension is also there, which will show you the power of JavaFX API. When you drag this applet out of Browser, you will not see the custom close button.

Feel free to comment or add anything you want in this.

Saturday Apr 11, 2009

Mixing Basic Shapes...JavaFX

Often we required some shapes which are not in the list of Basic Shapes available in JavaFX. I mean this is true with any language. A month back, I wanted to make a tube in JavaFX and Tube has very awesome cut at the top which can't be done with basic shapes. We can easily tackle these conditions by intersecting and  subtracting the shapes. Have a look :

Now, this is very easy to make. 1 subtraction and that's it. This is just 2 ellipses and 1 Shape subtraction ! Find the code :


Even in this, we can play more and make it as real as it is desired. If you see my tube closely, you will find a green color on the top which gives a feeling that the inside color or liquid inside the tube is green in color. Rotating this tube with 90 and removing the lower base can be helped in the simulation of Pipes. With this only, I had written one small code, showing how light travel in pipes. I will post that code as well in few days.

Point is JavaFX has a strong support for basic shapes but if your desired shape doesn't resides in the list. Use ShapeIntersect and ShapeSubtract for acheiving the desired result.

If you are interest in seeing the liquid filling in this tube, please visit this article.

Friday Mar 27, 2009

Some graphs - JavaFX + RIA

Finally we got this published too. Here is the new article on javafx.com :


Special thanks to Nancy. She has written most of the articles on JavaFX Production Suite. Our basic idea for this article was to depict the way we can use JavaFX for RIA. One of the common features most of the website using these days are representing the data in graphical mode, very much data in the form of charts and bar graphs.

This one show how petrol cost varies across the globe. Just a fictious data. And another one

Show the usages of Programming languages by developers. For animation please visit the article section of javafx.com

In the previous article, we showed how to make Point-Line Graph with a simple example of temperature arcoss some of the major cities on the globe.

For techinical details, source code, animation and point to point tutorial visit the main site article section (javafx.com -> Overview -> Articles).



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