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    March 4, 2008

Sun Tech Days - 2008

Guest Author
It was my second Sun Tech Days, again in Hyderabad. I was little upset that no one from my team is presenting anything, but again knowledge can come from any source :). Started with Rich Greens Key notes, it was a 3 day event.  I have attended lots and lots of presentation and here are some cool ones:

1. Netbeans day - A full day presentation by Roman and Chuk-Munn Lee. Both are awesome presenters in itself. They covered:

    - New Netbeans 6 features, I feel like its going to be the most powerful tool very soon.
    - Bean Binding
    - Swing Framework
    - Mobile Application with Netbeans 6
    - Platform Application
    - How to make NB plugins ... and many more.

All the session was excellent.

2. Java Debugging - This session mostly talks about Netbeans Profiling. How to use jhat, jconsole and all from NB. Though these tools are shipped with JDK6, NB gives a better support.

3. REST - Again an awesome presentation by Chuk-Munn. Talks about what REST is and how is different from SOAP.

4. GC Tunning - I haven't attended this session but my friends told me it was a good session again by Chuk-Munn, all about how to tune GC for your application.

5.  Lab on Java FX - the material is very good for the lab, specially for beginners like me.

There are some other good sessions as well. All together it was a good event.

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