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    July 18, 2008

New JavaFX and Netbeans 6.1

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Ah, in last 7 days I had written few examples of Java FX and it's nothing of use. I have installed the new plugin of JavaFX on Netbeans6.1. Quite a cool plugin, with FX builder, debugger and many more features. But all with these, the API of JavaFX also got changed. And none of the old code is running on new API base.

Anyway it takes sometime to get acquainted with it but whatever be the changes, new one looks cool. Have a look at the new builder of JavaFX :

How to learn Java FX with new API - Best is to go and check the Netbeans examples which are quite awesome. Knowing about the API's and Attributes. Check this path:

There are some issues I have seen with the ImageViewer feature in Netbeans. It crashes sometime, ok be honest, most of the time. So, the best way to handle it, run the ImageViewer only when you are done with the code. Close it, if you are changing the code. Open it again when you are done with changes. I guess, the subsequent patched will make it stable.

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