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JavaFX Production Suite - Usages

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The new samples are more complex than older once. And this is what we want. New features, not only need a sample to showcase but all the sample should be result oriented. Mean to say, it should do something with real world.

In the meantime, I can show you how interaction of JavaFX SDK increased with Production Suite. 

Lot of samples like Forecasting, BrickBreaker, SnakesNLadders are using Production Suite. They get the FXZ file from the designer and then do the animation job(logic coding) in JavaFX.

One I can explain of mine, Forecasting, though this sample is not complete but it uses FXZ file to a great extent. I got all the weather information in FXZ file by Charles, who is the graphics designer of this sample. Now, our idea is to animate weather conditions. According to the condition, we need to thought of animation.

For thunder, it looks something like this : 

Animation can be viewed in applet but I am just putting an image. Here there are three animation, 1. Shining of Sun 2. Left thunder spark 3. Right thunder spark.

Now, I have 5 layers of image in FXZ file, Sun, Sun Glow, Cloud, Left spark, right spark. On the basic of these, we decided what to animate when !

Final point is we need animation like opacity reduction or translation or both or rotating. Content once delivered to us in FXZ file, we can easily interoperable with FX code. The best way is to define layer names in FXZ file and use it in the code.

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