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    February 14, 2009

Get ready for any mobile screen - JavaFX

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Developers are ready for any mobile screen. What does it means when we say "any mobile screen". I will explain in a minute. Lets take a sample from javafx sample repository. For a while, I am taking my sample, Carousel. And I will show you how it works on mobile screen. 

We can see all things changed dynamically with change in orientation or screen size. The second is landscape mode which has a different mobile screen size. Images moved to the right position(center of the screen), lower bar adjusted its position according to screen size. 

Believe me, not more than 5 lines of code is required for these changes. This is what we call the power of binding. Components are so nicely binded with each other, that your idea is your implementation.

We have checked this sample on lot of mobile screen size and its running fine. In general, I can assure you, it will run fine on all screen(can be little problem on too small screen size, because there is no image resizing we have done in code. We can expect this behavior will  most of the application which will run on mobile.

 Thats why I said, developers are ready for any mobile devide and any mobile screen. Happy FX'ing.

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