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    February 25, 2017

Feb 2017 - JUG and Basics of Java ClassLoader

Today in Bangalore JUG, we had a small presentation on Java Classloaders. Here is the presentation on "Working with Java Class Loading"

On 25th Feb, 2017, we have witnessed the presentation on following :-

Talk 1:

Name: Vaibhav Choudhary
Company : Oracle
Topic : Diving deep into Java Class loaders

Agenda :

1. Basics of Java class loader
2. General issues that are related to class loader like NoClassDefFoundError, ClassCastException ...
3. Parallel Class loading
4. How class loader impacts your application.
5. Changes in class loader in JDK9.
6. Random codes here and there.

Talk 2:

Name: Saifi

Topic: Module System in Java 9

Modularity is the approach to manage and reduce the complexity associated with structuring of large code bases. 'module' is not just a new 'keyword' in Java 9, but has deep impact on the platform. This means there are changes to the languages, virtual machine and the standard libraries.

In the session, i will be discussing about

. modular JDK / JigSaw project
. module descriptor
. how to structure your code base around modules
. keywords like module, exports, provides, uses, with, to, and requires
. how to write your first module
. linking modules
. overview of platform modules
. tooling available jmod, jlink
. overview of JSR 376
. overview of JEP 261
. highlight of some interesting discussion on jpms-spec mailing list
. code and demo


Name: Kunal Grover
Topic : Failure resilient microservices model with Java8 Agenda :
It will be a short talk explaining the model and I would briefly touch upon how it can be implemented using Java8

1. Circuit breaker mechanism with microservices
2. Java8 CompletableFuture introduction, timeout and retries
3. Monitoring ideas

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