OpenJDK Build on Netbeans with Windows / Solaris - Part III

Now if you all set according to the last blog. This is/are the possible error(s) :

1. Error in make file : Multiple target \*\*\* . Yes, you need to downgrade the version of make file. "make.exe" resides in /cygwin/bin/make.exe. Check out its version, if its not 3.80, time to downgrade it. Download from here. Replace the make.exe of cygwin with this new make.exe ( make -version should be 3.80).
NOTE: make.exe is responsible to run make files. Makefiles are the one which contains instructions for a specific project, which file to compile and in which order.

2. Compilation error in - Try out Igor's solution
NOTE: Cygwin(make of Cygwin) still have some problem in understanding \\r character. So, this error may go with the upcoming binaries of Cygwin. One way is just remove \\r from the sh file - But then you will not get the proper file.

3. freetype.dll not found: Yes, freetype installation is  not creating any file like freetype.dll and this is surprising. If you investigate properly, you will get one file with name freetype.dll.a. Right now, lets rename it to freetype.dll(later we will check the problem of renaming this file)
NOTE: Just one line about freetype, it is providing uniform interface to access font files, support anti-aliasing as well.

4. I guess this is the main three error we came across. If anything else coming, then you need to check the installation of Cygwin again.  Errors like zip or tar.exe not found, means you have not installed the archive package of Cygwin.

Now if you are lucky enough, all things go fine and build will be ready. Again note that, jdk project module of Netbeans is only responsible for j2se build which mostly contains Java API not containing hotspot part. So, check the javac.exe and java.exe of your own openJDK build in the folder /openjdk/windows-i586/bin/.

5. Give a try to your Program. Ah it is running :-) cool. Now give a try on in which you are creating a Frame. If unluck you will get this error: not a proper dll file: freetype.dll. So, renaming is not actually working which we did in Error 2. Actually .a is a library achieve which is not a proper  file at this point. So, what to do ? Either find proper freetype.dll file from somewhere or take the source of freetype and compile it on .NET according to these rule.

Now its all yours. If you get any additional error, please let me know via comment or drop me a mail



Thanks for your reply. I just solved the problem of freetypecheck.c.
What we have to do is that
(1) Create a freetype.lib by building visualc project present in builds/win32 using MS.Net 2003 (Release Version)
(2) Now copy the generated lib file along with include folder (of freetype) in one directory and set the paths ALT_FREETYPE_LIB_PATH, ALT_FREETYPE_HEADERS_PATH
(3) Now give command using Cygwin

make sanity OPENJDK=true

You must give OPENJDK=true else you will get freetypecheck.c errors
It will create required freetype.dll

The reason for giving this parameter is given on following page.

by Ted Neward

Posted by kaiwalya joshi on December 27, 2007 at 04:23 AM IST #

Great, so you have done with the jdk build completely or still you are with some problem :)

Posted by Vaibhav Choudhary on December 27, 2007 at 12:43 PM IST #

Yesterday (26 Dec 2007) I successfully built entire openJDK. It took
2:45:30 secs. :))). But set ALT_JDK_IMPORT_PATH to jdk1.6.0 install directory before giving make command. This suggestion is given by Igor Nekrestyanov (please refer the link sent in previous comment).
Thanks for the help.

Posted by kaiwalya joshi on December 28, 2007 at 03:21 AM IST #

Ah sounds great. Welcome :)

Posted by Vaibhav Choudhary on December 28, 2007 at 03:24 AM IST #


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