Wednesday Jul 01, 2015

Bangalore Java User Group (JUG)- Meeting in July

Talks in List: 

Concurrent Garbage Collection - Harish Babu -  60 mins

Completable Future - Srinivasan Raghavan -  45 mins

Java 8 new Javascript engine call Nashorn - Shekhar Gupta   45 mins

Friday Mar 26, 2010

Tech Days 2010 @ Hyderabad

2010 Sun Tech days over. Nice time at presentation and in train too. Nothing more to write. James was good. 

Presentation here: 

 G1 presentation  and mixing Lightweight/Heavyweight components.

Tuesday Dec 22, 2009

LiveConnect improvement in JDK6

JDK6 has done lot of changes in LiveConnect. LiveConnect is a feature in the browser for communication between Java Applet and JavaScript. With the new Plugin2, most of the work has been left on browser to do. Initially it was Java which do a good amount of work. So, now the Java Plug-in will operate like any other scriptable Plug-in. ..............
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Tuesday Dec 15, 2009

Lightweight and Heavyweight components - Mess it !

So, if you are a Swing Developer, you have heard many stories where someone messed Lightweight component with Heavyweight component. In one line " A heavyweight component is one that is associated with its own  native screen resource (commonly known as a peer). A lightweight component is one that "borrows" the screen resource of an ancestor  (which means it has no native resource of its own -- so it's "lighter")."

 Now many times you have heard "Don't mix lightweight and heavyweight". What will happen ? Alright, here is a small code : ............

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Wednesday Nov 25, 2009

Sorting and OpenJDK

If you are looking for sorting algorithms and if you use some sorting algorithm in your code/application/big application, then have a look here. First of all sorting/searching is a classic thing. It take more than 70 percent of your application time.People/Developer/Mathematician do a lot of work on optimizing this work to get Best, best out of best.

Early days, JDK used to use QuickSort which is one of the best sorting algorithm and go for a complexity of O(nlogn). But mind it, QuickSort is a recursive algorithm and consume space. Whereas some of the algorithm which has the complexity like O(n\^2) go for less complex in terms of memory. These days our platform varies from small mobile device to a terabyte storage machine............

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Thursday Oct 29, 2009

Bangalore Open JavaFX User Group

Time for adoption :). We are starting up Bangalore Open JavaFX User Group and searching for the JavaFX techie who can lead it. So, all JavaFX developers in Bangalore please write a mail to me, if you are interested. My mail ID is : vaibhav.choudhary-AT-sun-DOT-com or can drop a comment here.

We will have more fun with FX soon
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Wednesday Sep 23, 2009

shape intersection/subtraction result - JavaFX

A very simple example in JavaFX to show that shape intersection/subtraction  works so cool in JavaFX. Gradient comes out in a nice fashion and motion is also smooth. 

 Please see this link to view the sample: The gradient in sample and here are different and that can be changed by changing 3-4 lines in code.

Its again a open code written. Personally I don't like too much of OOP's coding in JavaFX as it is not a language meant for it. But yes if sample size/application size is big, its always good to make things seperate.

Wednesday Sep 16, 2009

Small presentation on Cloud Computing

Sorry this blog is nothing related with Java or JavaFX !

Some day back, I have given one small presentation on Cloud Computing in PESIT, Bangalore. Quite enthu students and ready to face the challenges of world. 

You can see/use presentation here:  Presentation

Monday Aug 24, 2009

Debugging basics and some link - Java

Some simple debugging tools related to Java. These are for those who are new to Java.

1. Application is crashing : Most miserable one. Get your log file, try to analysis log. How to write log file, use Java Logger API.  Java Logger had been introduced in JDK 1.4.2. The most awesome feature of  Logger API is that you can use it in production without much overhead. The overhead is controlled by something called level in API. Level goes from FINEST to SEVERE. You can refer to O'Relly Book "Java, In a NutShell". I guess. ...........
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Wednesday Aug 12, 2009

Netbeans Java Presentation

Small presentation(actually very small) on Netbeans and Java. Mostly covers the features, netbeans provide for Java SE. Like Profiling, Debugging..

Tuesday Aug 11, 2009

User experience - More rich !

Finally Nancy got it done. Thanks ! 

It's very very important for us to know the correct method of shipping the application. Out of Browser feature is awesome but you can't simply expect Customer, End User to drag the applet out of browser by pressing Alt-Space. No, its just a way Java Runtime provide to us. In JavaFX, this feature is customizable up to an awesome extent. You can simply write 4-5 lines of code and make the applet draggable as you feel it should :D.

Here is one small article on same:

Maybe, I mentioned something like this in my prev. post, so can be repeated, but not truly  ! Have Fun !

Now again, we will talk about Customer, User look and feel. I bet most of us got bored watching rotating Java Logo and applet is taking time to load. JavaFX new feature is to use splash screen for that. Though here in this article you will get one static splash screen but no one can stop you making a dynamic gif splash screen. We will have that also in show case soon, till that time enjoy with this :

Do, leave your comments so that we get to know how pathetic we are and what is/are the improvement(s) required. thanks !

Sunday Aug 02, 2009

Progress Indicator - JavaFX !

Probably I missed something. But this is the way we can add indefinite progress indicator with any unpredictable events. Here I am just calling a Web service to show yahoo maps for NY city.

Here how progress indicator looks like : ..........

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Thursday Jul 30, 2009

Use of ListView - UI Control

A simple example how ListView works in JavaFX 1.2. I guess it need more feature in next release. But it do basic stuff like providing scrollbar if list is long, selected item actions.Something like this :

Here is the simple code, in which I am adding text  ..........

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Tuesday Jul 28, 2009

Simple example of Scroll Bar - JavaFX 1.2

ScrollBar - UI Control feature of JavaFX 1.2 .

It has been used in lot of samples but if you are finding it tough to grab out the code from sample to use. Here is a simple(simplest actually :) ) code to use scrollBar. I have create array of rectangle and associated scroll bar with it. Something like this  ..........

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Saturday Jul 25, 2009

Hyperlink to URL

It's a long time being blogging. Actually not done anything new from long time :). Here is one simple concept which some guys asked me. We have provided hyperlink API in JavaFX 1.2 but some of us struggled to open a URL using hyperlink API.

Hmm, 2 ways to do it actually.

 No1 : Use the Desktop API of JDK6. It's simple to use. One example is here....

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