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Steve Hill
Senior Content Developer

It’s Canadian gas, and they make soap

What if we told you that ATCO GAS, based in Edmonton, makes soap through reduced emissions, promotes safety 24/7, and is an integral supporter of the world’s largest rodeo? You would say, “Sign us up for everything in this utility’s pipeline of informative tweets.”

Find them here. 

Twitter bio: ATCO Gas delivers safe, reliable natural gas to Albertans. Twitter hours: 8AM-4:30PM M-F; Monitored 8AM -10PM.

Followers: 3,348

Naturally, they’re cooking with gas in the Pacific Northwest

Extolling use of natural gas for cooking, and everything else, plus reducing the carbon footprint?  Yes, NW Natural out of Portland, OR serves up yummy recipes from the city’s top chefs, and the benefits of clean-burning natural gas give us a lot of reasons to follow NW Natural.

Find them here. 

Twitter bio: NW Natural serves customers with clean, reliable & affordable natural gas. We tweet updates & tips M-F, 8am-5pm. In an emergency please call us: 800-882-3377.

Followers: 4,952

SoCal Gas’ retweet game is strong

Ok, SoCal Gas may have gone Hollywood, but hey, it’s in their service area. With @TrishaSoCalGas and @George_SoCalGas giving shout outs to A-list stars, then natural gas utilities can be a glam follow. We also love their groundbreaking renewable programs.

Find them here. 

Twitter bio: Nation's largest natural gas distribution company, serving more than 20 million customers. For emergencies and customer service, please call 1-800-427-2200.

Followers: 13.7k

We’re batting for Finn, and so should you

We’re in love with Southwest Gas Corp’s very lovable Labrador and baseball mascot, Finn the Bat Dog, who got to hang with Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan. So, do we follow Finn?  You bat we do! Plus, the Southwest Gas Corp feed has a batload of information for its mobile app, customer security and companywide volunteerism. See what we did there?

Find them here. 

Twitter bio: Official Twitter account of Southwest Gas Corporation. Suspect a gas leak? Call 911 & SWG immediately at 1-877-860-6020. This page is monitored Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.

Arizona, California & Nevada swgas.com Joined March 2011

Followers: 2,392

At British Gas this feels personal

Lot’s of utilities run PSAs, and we know all of them care about their customers. However, British Gas’ campaign for unpaid caregivers in the UK goes beyond awareness. These are heartbreaking testimonials from British citizens giving all they have for a loved one, and it’s consuming their lives as well. Well done British Gas, and kudos for all your customer service efforts.

Find them here. 

Twitter bio: We’re bringing Britain the smooth-running homes of today and tomorrow.

Tweet @BritishGasHelp for our customer service team. Joined 2009

Followers: 72.4k

Florida City Gas keeps it real, and that’s how we do it

We love old-school stuff, and Florida City Gas’ Throwback Thursday really lights our fire. And did we mention the tips for everything Florida City’s customers could possibly do with natural gas in South Florida? It’s extensive.  

Find them here.    
Twitter bio: To report a gas leak, call the 24-hour line: 1-888-352-5325. For customer service, we’re here from 9 am – 6 pm Mon-Fri.
Followers: 987

Give us Liberty or give us . . . all their tweets!

Whether it’s helping the homeless in their service area, warning the public about natural gas leak detection with attention-grabbing GIFs, or handing out free wifi enabled thermostats, Liberty Utilities in New Hampshire makes for a great twitter follow.

Find them here.   
Twitter bio: New Hampshire; Joined December 2011
Followers: 1,593

The utility of Brotherly Love, and hash tags

Philadelphia Gas Works may be the nation’s largest municipal-owned utility, and it’s been around for 179 years. It’s also one of the most interactive with trending hash tags. Proof? How about #coneheads? Or #nationaldogday, and who can forget #nationalbananasplitday? Yes, there’s excellent examples of customer commitment with #lowermybill, #FireSafety and #PurpleHeartDay, but they had us at #NationalWaffleDay.

Find them here.  
Twitter bio: Philadelphia’s gas provider for more than 179 years.
Followers: 1,647

I guess you’ll say, DTE Energy!

Any gas utility that claims Motown (yes, that’s you Detroit) has our attention. Oh, wait. Did we mention that DTE partners with the local zoo, responds to customers directly through social media, and promotes art therapy for mental wellness? But you’re already curating your Motown playlist, right?

Find them here. 
Twitter bio: Providing breaking news, energy-related tips, and info. From Michigan’s largest electric & gas company. Talk to us from 8am-11pm, seven days a week.
Followers: 25.2k

Tokyo Gas has a superhero: Gas Girl

Yes, the tweets are in Japanese. Yes, it’s twitter account has been active only for a while, and Tokyo Gas has just a handful of followers. But what Tokyo Gas lacks in Twitter presence, it makes up for with Gas Girl, a utility superhero who’s fighting thermostat abuse in some hilarious YouTube style videos. Plus, she might be able to stop Godzilla from stomping the city, but we’re not totally sure about that one. We also love their earthquake safety GIFs; even in a foreign language you get it.
And to see the Tokyo Gas Girl video, go here. 

Find them here. 
Twitter bio (translated): Official Twitter of Tokyo Gas. We will deliver mainly information on safety such as disaster prevention. In addition, we cannot respond to inquiries such as gas leaks, questions or inquiries on Twitter. For details, please check this out.  
Followers: 319



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