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UTA - Building Custom Content Whitepaper available

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager

It is possible to extend the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator with custom components and custom libraries. This allows customers to include their extensions that may not be supported by a base supplied prebuilt test asset. The capability allows for the following:

  • Building Custom Components on Base Capabilities. Whilst the packs provide the majority of the base functionality, some functions may not be available in the release of the pack you are using. Instead of waiting for that function to be released, you can use this capability to build a custom component to continue testing.
  • Building Custom Components on Extensions. This is the most common use case where there is not a provided pre-built component that does not cover your extension. Generally if your extension alters the structure (schema) of the product, not just with data, then a custom component is required to educate the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator how to interface to the extension.
  • Building Custom Libraries. The Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator ships with a library of functions to allow manipulation or generation of individual data. Custom libraries can be build inside the tool, using Groovy, to add your own functions, if necessary.

Custom Content

There is a whitepaper that outlines, with examples, the process for all of the above is now available for customers and partners using Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator.  The UTA - Building Custom Components And Functions for Oracle Utilities Application Framework Based Products (Doc Id: 2662058.1) is available from My Oracle Support.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • James Moore Friday, October 2, 2020
    Anthony, Do the Oracle developers use the test case libraries during the development phase?
  • Anthony Shorten Monday, November 16, 2020
    The Utilities developers use a combination of testing technologies depending on the phase of development, which includes the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator and it content.
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