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The best Japanese utility Twitter accounts to follow

Stephen Hill
Sr. Content Development Specialist

No matter the country, at the basic level, utilities are the same. They deliver services, and take safety and reliability seriously. We took a deep dive into Japanese utilities on Twitter, which has it’s own cultural distinction. Please enjoy these snapshots of social media, Japanese utility style.

Tohoku makes the retweets count
How does a utility combine food security with electric power safety? Through a series of retweets from @tohokudenryoku that highlight both energy efficiency, and the need for mindfulness of food sources.

Twitter bio: This is the official account of Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. Thank you for visiting. We will tell you about the news from our company and the information at the time of the disaster. Thank you for following us.
Followers: 3,878
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Cheese omelet, please
What’s cooking @Tobu_Gas? This awesome profile of new employee Ishikawa-Kun, who likes to cook, and is working hard in accounting until his retirement, far in the future.

Twitter bio: This is the official account of Tobu Gas. We will send you the news and latest information from each district. Please note that we do note reply to individual messages.
Followers: 464
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High wire acts
Utility linemen have dangerous jobs in any country, but the degree of difficulty in Japan seems unusually high. This video of @officialTEPCO linemen clearing debris from a transmission line in the mountains is incredible.

Twitter bio: This is the official account of TEPCO Holdings, Inc.. We will give you a wide range of information from TEPCO.
Followers: 844.7k
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After a storm, a rainbow
During the height of the Coronavirus outbreak in Japan, @rikudenOfficial bathed its building in the colors of the rainbow so everyone could see a brighter future.

Twitter bio: Thank you for accessing the official account of Hokuriku Electric Power. With this account, we will send out a wide range of information such as our electric supply and demand situation and useful information for our customers. Please note that we do not follow or retweet specific accounts in principle.
Followers: 2,610
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Animating typhoon safety
Typhoons are dangerous storms, and Okinawa island averages 7-8 each year. @OKIDEN_Official takes customer safety seriously, but still keeps it interesting with this amazing animated video.

Twitter bio: This is the official account of Okinawa Electric Power. We will inform you of emergency notices from our company.
Followers: 1,196
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High voltage safety, with emojis
Meet Yonamine and Takeda with @KANDEN_Official utility in Osaka. They inspect high voltage systems, and are proud to keep the grid operating safely for customers. We really like their dedication, and their emoji game.

Twitter bio: With the official account of Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., we will send you information such as information about the business activities of our entire group.
Followers: 67.7k
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Saving energy with Anime
Leave it to a Japanese utility industry, and @Official_Hepco to tackle energy efficiency with Anime, but that’s exactly what Hokkaido Electric Power Co did with some beautifully crafted retweeted stories. Load your online translator, and go here to see how Japanese customers are encouraged to save energy with limited resources.

Twitter bio: This is the official account of Hokkaido Electric Power Company. We will send you information from us. In the event of an emergency, we will also provide information regarding power outages and power facilities.
Followers: 57.3k
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Pilots needed at Chuden Electric
When the kids are bored, and stuck inside, follow @Official_Chuden for some instructional videos on making cool, and aerodynamic paper airplanes. No translation needed, either.

Twitter bio: This is the Chubu Electric Power official account. Thank you for visiting our account. With this account, we will widely disseminate information from our company.
Followers: 51.3k
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