In a New York minute: 2 quick (but important) takeaways from Oracle Industry Connect today

“Go outside. Then look up,” advised Con Edison’s Matt Ketschke to the crowd at the opening general session of Oracle Industry Connect. “Well, OK. Don’t just...

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NYPA’s CEO on restoration, reform and REV

When I sat down to talk to Gil C. Quiniones, the president and CEO of the New York Power Authority (NYPA), about the state’s transformative strategies for this...

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This Navigant study advises: to innovate, think twice

We think of the true innovator as a loner: Darwin following in the footsteps of unusual finches in the Galapagos, Tesla toiling alone in Wardenclyffe on his...


Here’s your cheat sheet to smarter digital planning

We’re all focused on innovation and digitalization in this industry. A number of tracks and sessions at European Utility Week (EUW) covered these concepts so...

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The growing pains of the utility business are global, but so are the opportunities

Adnan Z. Amin, the Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (more commonly known as IRENA), opened European Utility Week (EUW) in Amsterdam...


How valuable is the grid? Let’s start counting the ways

Is the grid the problem? Is the grid our solution? Is the grid going away? Is the grid going to be the be-all center of the future utility? These are the...

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Defining the evolution of the smart(er) city

“Who here lives in a smart city?” asked Dr. Lawrence Jones VP of Edison Electric Institute to the audience in the “Optimizing smart networks: the role of...

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Two words will help you survive the changing utility business

The packed room for Oracle Industry Connect’s energy & utilities program kick-off was a massive elbow-rubbing opportunity with a sea of familiar and...


Mental image: What your utility could look like in 2035

Projecting the future is an industry obsession worldwide. We love to try and figure out how things will work out—so we can appropriately plan ahead. We’re...


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