Prepping for the prosumer with the right playbook

Let’s talk about the prosumer. You know the prosumer—even if you may not personally know a prosumer.

The prosumer isn’t passive. She wants unprecedented info, numbers and communication options with her electric supplier. The prosumer is that neighbor at the end of your street who wants to know her own energy consumption numbers—and know she’s beating energy consumption numbers for every other household on that block. The prosumer is that millennial calling you once a week asking questions about when you’ll pay more attention to clean energy and how he might be able to get in on the ground floor of that.

Utilities, are you ready for the prosumer?

We can think of a handful of utilities already prepping for the prosumer: Baltimore’s BGE, New York’s Con Edison, Chicago’s ComEd, California’s SMUD and New Zealand’s Mercury to name just a few.

BGE is ready for your prosumer neighbor. They’re helping customers save energy with peak day programs. Sharing that personalized meter data has already made a difference. The utility has seen an 80% participation rate.

Con Edison could take on your millennial prosumer’s clean energy dreams. They’re pairing their own smart meters with New York’s statewide “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV) push, which lays out new ways government, utilities and customers can work together toward a faster, smarter, cleaner energy future.

BGE, Con Edison (and the other utilities mentioned earlier)—along with other utility partners of Oracle and Opower—have told us all about their work with smart meter rollouts: lessons learned, grid ops optimized, ROIs achieved and prosumers proactively brought into the dialogue.

We’ve brought together the essence of those conversations and put together a playbook for you to get the most value out of your own AMI work.

On the customer side of the equation, the playbook teaches how to build customer benefits into the business case, how to bet customer buy-ins with early education, how to design rates that balance both grid and customer needs, and how to create a better customer experience using those—everything you need to meet prosumer requests head-on.

Bonus: Beyond the customer case, the playbook also reveals how to innovate with faster cloud-based data management and how to use AMI data for targeted marketing.

So dive into the best “how to” guide to get you ahead of the prosumer evolution. Just click right here to start gathering those lessons you can apply at your own utility with the Oracle Opower AMI Playbook.

Want even more juicy info on AMI? Learn the 5 key ingredients for a successful AMI rollout here. 

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