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Overriding System Dates

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager

By default, the product obtains the date from the database server using an internal call. This is to ensure a consistent recording of the date and time across the system, irrespective of the time zone of the user. It is possible in some products, to adjust this time to the local time using the user time zone feature of Oracle Utilities Application Framework V4.0 and above.

It is possible to set a date for testing purposes at the system level as well as at user level as a testing aid to simulate the passing of time, for example.

Note: This facility is not recommended for use in production environments. It is only recommended in non-production environments such as testing and development.

System Wide

To set a specific date for an environment, for testing purposes, a Feature may be added using the Administration menu > F > Feature menu option. The feature to use is a General System Configuration feature. You may create a General System Configuration feature if one does not exist on your environment. The System Override Date option may be added to this feature and the date specified in international ISO format (e.g. YYYY-MM-DD).

For example:

System Wide - System Date Override

Note: Only one General System Configuration feature should exist per environment.

Once saved, this date will be used, across ALL users on that environment, instead of the date for online and Web Service operations. In batch there is a standard parameter for all jobs, the Batch Business Date, that performs the same function for that mode. You may need to flush the online cache to reflect the change across the system. Refer to the Operations and Configuration Guides or Server Administration Guides supplied with the product for techniques on how to flush the cache.

To reset back to the original system settings, simply remove the feature option (not the feature itself).

User Specific Date

Note: This feature was added in Oracle Utilities Application Framework V4.1 and consequently is only available for that version and above.

Whilst the system override is not appropriate as some users require specific dates, especially for testing, then it is also possible to override the system date per user. This will force the online to use the override value for the user, if it exists, instead of any system override or system date.

To achieve this, an Override System Date characteristic can be added to the individual user record using the Administration menu > U > User menu option as shown in the figure below. As with the System Override, the Characteristic value should be in ISO format (e.g. YYYY-MM-DD). For example:

User Specific System Date Override

 As with the System Wide override, the online cache should be flushed to reflect this setting. To reset back to the original system settings, simply remove the characteristic.

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