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Oracle Utilities Application Framework V4.0.2 New Features

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager

With the release of Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management V2.0.1 comes the latest in the releases of the Oracle Utilities Application Framework. This releases adds a new set of functionality and also changes some existing functionality. Here is a summary of what is in the release:

  • New Fusion Look and Feel - The product now sports a completely new look and feel. This is a step towards ADF and continues our commitment to a common look and feel across Oracle Application products. This will also be offered as an option for Oracle Utilities Application Framework V2.2 products.

  • Logoff Support - It is now possible to logoff the product. This is in line with the Fusion directions.

  • User Identification - The user is now identified by name on each screen. Again this is in line with Fusion directions.

  • Increased compliance - Security feartures of the product are tested using Oracle security standards and tools to ensure compliance. In ths past this was done informally, now it is part of the release strategy

  • Removal of text password API - Plain text password API has been removed from the product to ensure compliance.

  • LDAP Import enhancements - LDAP Import is now a scheduled batch job rather than online initiated. This means that the LDAP import can be scheduled along with other maintenance processes. Performance has improved for large numbers of users.

  • Finer grained configuration of database users - Database Users can now be specified for each channel of communication as a configuration option. This allows each channel (online, batch, web Services etc) to have a seperate database connection user.

  • Password input improvments - Passwords are now input in silent mode.

  • Implementing Oracle permission standards - File permissions have been locked down to Oracle Security standards.This will not affect the processing of the product.

  • Support for rendering engines - Document rendering infrastructure has been made generic to support additional rendering engines.

  • Fine grained zone management - The Business Process Assistant has been enhanced to allow fine grained zone refresh including overriding refreshing of individual zones.

  • User customization I - User definitions can now specifiy specific refresh rates of individual zones.

  • User customization II - Sequence of Zones can be overridden at the user level (if desired).

  • Fine level supression of columns - Column in query zones can be surpressed using configuration or using code.

  • Removal of c3p0 - c3p0 has been removed altogether from the architecture stack. Online access and Web Service access uses JDBC connections specified in JNDI exlusively. Batch now uses Oracle's Universal Connection Pool (UCP) product which is supplied with the product.

  • Support for Coherence Mode - The batch framework has been enhanced to support additional development or production Coherence modes.

  • New real time Receivers and Senders - The JMS Sender and Receiver now support real time integration in the same vien as the Email and SMS Senders/Receivers did in the past. This means implementations can provide real time JMS integration for interfaces to other products.

  • New Batch Add Mode - A new Batch Add mode has been added to the SDK and framework runtime to allow batch jobs to defer validation to increase performance for large numbers of INSERT activity. Validation is performed later in the business process rather upon each INSERT.

  • New Process Table for integration - A new generic Process Table has been added to allow implementation to store lists of keys for processing in batch or using business services in deferred processing.

As you can see there was a lot added for Oracle Utilities Application Framework V4.0.2 for the next generation of the products. I will be adding blog entries on specific enhancements over the next few weeks.

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Work online jobs Wednesday, September 15, 2010
    Wonderful to read!
  • Tapendra Sinha Tuesday, December 20, 2016

    Hi SHorten

    Is there a developers training available on oracle utilities framework v4.3?

    I only see an overview training currently available. We are in a process to advice our customers on WAM version 2 implementation and would like to get trainings available for the framework. Please advice

    best regards


  • acshorten Wednesday, December 21, 2016

    Oracle University in your local country runs regular training for implementers. This includes technical configuration, operations and development courses. Refer to the Oracle University on oracle.com for details.

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