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No time to waste: rapid CX improvements with Opower

Juan Jimenez
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Opower has a new approach for improving the utility customer web experience, and it sounds to me like the process is as easy as 1-2-3: We can do it in rapid time, the integration is seamless, and we enable you to make Opower’s Embeddable Widgets 2.0 look like your very own.    

And if you’re wondering why or how, look no further … I had the privilege of speaking with our product management team, including Group Product Manager Erik Hobbie, about all the updates while at the Oracle Utilities’ Customer Edge conference this week in Austin.

“I want these widgets to look like you designed them for your website and not like some third party just dropped them on your site. Enhancing a utility partner’s website with a completely custom web component is actually very exciting.  Moreover, we’re using the latest web technology, and, with our widgets, we’re opening a few other opportunities for our utility partners as well,” he said.

He shared the following messages to a captivated audience of utilities and partners during the Need for Speed: Strategy for Rapid CX Integration session.

(1.) Embeddable widgets are the next step in digital customer satisfaction: And doing that can be as simple as “dropping one line of code onto your site once we get started,” he added. 

(2.) Today’s Opower widgets are quickly responsive when changing the browser’s window size from desktop to mobile scale.   

(3.) The HTML5 Web Components Opower uses for these embeddable widgets are much faster when compared to iframes, along with making issues and problems easier to track and fix than the isolate, black-box approach with iframes. (What are iframes? HTML elements inserted on a web page to display content, including full sites at times.  So, these can really bog down a website, especially on mobile connections.  According to general Google statistics, 53% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. So, that drag can be a real problem.)

(4.) The best reason for Opower’s embeddable widgets: better customer satisfaction. (As Erik told his audience: Imagine a utility customer that’s trying to load a site with iframes on their mobile phone, from a remote location. In that case, the drag isn’t just an issue of slow entertainment connections, now it’s slowing vital interactions, too, which may ultimately lead to unsatisfied digital customers.)

(5.) We can help you extract greater value with analytics.  We’ve found that customers are most engaged when several Opower widgets are layered onto a single web page such as on the customer’s account page—and that’s why we built Embeddable Widgets 2.0.  Moreover, we know that analytics is extremely important to our utility partners.

“With our new approach we enable you to tap into customer click data so that you can extract more value from your investment. With our widgets you can see everything from within your analytics tools,” said Erik.

(6.) Widgets aren’t just about function; they’re about relationships, too. We’re not just simply embedding widgets here; we’re partnering with our utility clients to deliver the insights that end customers want (while also enabling them to have web portals with widgets that are both engaging and load quickly).

In the end, a top takeaway tidbit for a utility insider unable to sit in on this Opower session: Oracle has made investments in our web components so that they’re highly performant—and we’re innovating to constantly modernize this technology to meet your needs. 

Some of the embeddable web energy management widgets featured during the demo include the Opower Bill Forecast, Ways to Save and Home Energy Analysis widgets.


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