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Moving from Change Handlers to Algorithms

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager

One of the most common questions I receive from partners is that Java based Change Handlers are not supported on the Oracle Utilities Cloud SaaS. Change Handlers are not supported for a number of key reasons:

  • Java is not Supported on Oracle Utilities SaaS Cloud. As pointed out previously, Java based extensions are not supported on the Oracle Utilities SaaS Cloud to reduce costs associated with deployment activities on the service and to restrict access to raw devices and information at the service level. We replaced Java with enhancements to both scripting and the introduction of Groovy support.
  • Change Handlers are a legacy from the history of the product. Change handlers were introduced in early versions of the products to compensate for limited algorithm entities in those early versions. Algorithms entities are points in the logic, or process, where customers/partners can manipulate data and process for extensions using algorithms. In early versions, algorithm entities were limited by the common points of extension that were made available in those versions. Over time, based upon feedback from customers and partners, the Oracle Utilities products introduced a wider range of algorithm entities that can be exploited for extensions. In fact in the latest release of C2M, there are over 370 algorithm entities available. Over the numerous years, the need for change handlers have slowly been replaced by the provision of these new or improved algorithm entities to the point where they are no longer as relevant as they once were.

On the Oracle Utilities SaaS Cloud, it is recommended to use the relevant algorithm entity with an appropriate algorithm, written in Groovy or ConfigTools based scripting rather than using Change Handlers. Customers using change handlers today are strongly encouraged to replace those change handlers with the appropriate algorithm.

Note: Customers and Partners not intending to use the Oracle Utilities SaaS Cloud can continue to use the Change Handler functionality but it is highly recommended to also consider moving to using the appropriate algorithms to reduce maintenance costs and risks.

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