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In the shortest terms: I'm the writer here at Oracle Opower. Been penning pieces about the energy biz for almost 20 years with stints at Electric Light & Power magazine, POWERGRID International magazine and Intelligent Utility magazine.

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Customer Care

Seeing “The Princess Bride” as a brilliant customer service tutorial

One ‘80s flick is practically overflowing with fabulous lessons in behavioral science: “The Princess Bride.” I’ve been a fan of the ‘80s flick since it hit...

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On six Shearing Layers, three Pace Layers, two types of illusion, one British architect and your evolving utility

You have one single fellow to thank for the evolution of your utility from a system of top-down processes to the growing focus on innovation, flexibility and...

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How valuable is the grid? Let’s start counting the ways

Is the grid the problem? Is the grid our solution? Is the grid going away? Is the grid going to be the be-all center of the future utility? These are the...

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The most fabulous insights overheard at Oracle Industry Connect

Utility executives and industry insiders descended on the Mouse House in Orlando this week to share ideas, problems (and hopefully solutions, too)—and even a...

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Customer Care

Defining the evolution of the smart(er) city

“Who here lives in a smart city?” asked Dr. Lawrence Jones VP of Edison Electric Institute to the audience in the “Optimizing smart networks: the role of...

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Customer Care

Two words will help you survive the changing utility business

The packed room for Oracle Industry Connect’s energy & utilities program kick-off was a massive elbow-rubbing opportunity with a sea of familiar and...

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