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How to innovate with intent on a huge scale using a detailed model on a small scale

Most stories start out of time and out of place—somewhere far away, somewhere long ago. Our story begins in right now, and it’s set in every town and in every place and within every utility struggling to balance a smarter, more interconnected grid with a more engaged and interactive customer. This story is about more connected spaces and more connected places. And its hero is a model we call the CONNECTED hub (which you can see in person at our Customer Edge conference in Austin, as well as the Oracle Utilities Industry Forum and at the Future of Utilities event in London). 

Originally built in tandem with the We Do Team (a part of the Oracle España family)  the CONNECTED hub is a tiny town complete with all a town needs to thrive: tiny homes, tiny cars, tiny green trees … and tiny smart utility tech in the form of poles, wires, transformers, solar panels, a wind turbine and even a tiny substation and miniscule gas assets. Interconnected and built to run real-world use cases, the CONNECTED hub can sort through and solve big issues in tiny real-time.

The town infrastructure combines both traditional SCADA assets and new IT-enabled devices, real, working DER sources generate power. The ups and downs of that generation then show on a large screen behind the model, demonstrating the impact on a utility’s network. Those ups and downs from the model world are then fed through an integrated network management system (NMS) application and back to a mobile device, allowing for quick interaction and adjustments. 

Like its bigger counterparts where many of us reside, this tiny town is tackling a whole lot of change—a slew of daily ups and downs. To troubleshoot those issues (and even shoot pictures of the problems), drones can be dispatched for a bird’s eye view.

Along with demonstrating the DER flexibility of utility systems when aided by Oracle Utilities software, this tiny world can also reflect more traditional scenarios, too. Visitors can watch as the CONNECTED hub mirrors a typical overload use case with NMS riding to the rescue: detecting the condition, finding an alternate route and transferring load automatically … flipping to a circuit with more capacity with no single tiny home losing power in the process.

The CONNECTED hub is being shown off today at the Oracle Utilities Customer Edge conference in Austin (#CustomerEdge2019), but it is coming soon to a conference near you.  Next up: CS Week in Phoenix.

If you can't come for a live conference visit at #CustomerEdge2020#FoUSummit or the Oracle Utilities Industry Forum reach out to us directly, and we’ll be delighted to follow up with a personalized rundown customized to your utility’s concerns and planning efforts.


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Learn more about the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab: https://www.oracle.com/industries/utilities/innovation-lab.html

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  • riccardo Wednesday, March 11, 2020
    This is AWESOME!!!! Finally Utility DSOs ( and not limited to DSOs ) will get a closer look at the endless possibilities offered by the mixof innovative concepts with the robustness of well-tested applications such as NMS! The best of two worlds, for customers that ask the most in terms of reliability and availability of smart grid services. Look forward to see it in action across EMEA too!!
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