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Generalized data export whitepaper available

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager

One of the most exciting features of the Oracle Utilities SaaS Cloud Service is the general data export facility known as Generalized Data Export.

This facility allows SaaS cloud customers to configure data extracts from their cloud service to files on Oracle Object Storage to use for external systems such as data clouds and external systems. This allows sharing of data from your cloud service to your enterprise systems as part of the Oracle Utilities SaaS cloud data access strategy as shown below.

Cloud Data Access Strategy
The capability allows cloud customers to configure exports from their Oracle Utilities SaaS Cloud Services with the following key features:

  • Simple, efficient and configuration based with no coding or extension necessary.
  • Supports single event export or ongoing changes export of configured objects.
  • Exports can be manually initiated or scheduled using the inbuilt scheduler or an external scheduler.
  • Output format is JSON for ease of import in target systems.
  • Output is to Oracle Object Storage to allow flexible transfer mechanisms offered by that service.

The Generalized Data Export provides two distinct events that can be configured for extraction.

  • Initial data export. Configuration of which objects the product team has made eligible for export for an initial full extract. In some cases, this can be the only extract to support on-off exports.
  • Ongoing data export. Specifying that the changes since last export are collected and extracted to synchronize external systems. The frequency of the extraction is configurable via the scheduling capability available via the inbuilt batch scheduler or via an external batch scheduler.

GDE Initial and Ongoing

The location of the output files (an appropriate bucket within Oracle Object Storage) and an optional prefix for the files are specified to complete the specification.
Once this is all configured the scheduler (inbuilt or external) will initiate the extraction in JSON format. Transfer to external systems can be performed using the capabilities of Oracle Object Storage or initiated by transfer capabilities built into Oracle Utilities Cloud Service Foundation.

For more information about this capability for Oracle Utilities SaaS Cloud customers, refer to the Generalized Data Export feature of Oracle Utilities Enterprise SaaS Applications whitepaper (Doc Id: 2710631.1) available from My Oracle Support.

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