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Framework V4.1 Group Fix 2 has been released

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager

I have been away the last few weeks enjoying the sun and surf and while I have been away another Group Fix (Group FIx 2) has been released as Patch 12874623.

The group is a rollup of all the fixes and a number of enhancements released since Group Fix 1.

The enhancements in this release are summarized as follows:

  • Row Cache Locking improvements (12880629) - The random number generator used for random indentifiers has been enhanced to improve performance of generating keys from the Java to COBOL interface.
  • Infinite Loop in specific situations (12880281) - Customer have reported that under specific conditions using Javascript to invoke Service Scripts on specific input fields can cause an infinite loop. This has been resolved.
  • Rowcounts on Zones (12883848) - It is now possible to display a rowcount field to the F1-DE, F1-DE-QUERY, F1-DESINGLE and F1-DE-MULQRY zone types.
  • Transaction Timeout Limit (ER 254) - It is now possible to implement a tranaction level based time limit for SQL statements.
  • Move By Name API (12821483) - It is now possible to copy XML fragments within Configuration Objects using Move By Name to improve performance of code.
  • Additional Encrytion on Sensitive Data (12941275) - A new field encryption/decrpyption API has been added to support column level encryption.
  • Support for Null Columns (ER 326) - It is now possible to use null columns for non-key fields in customizations.
  • Support for List Flattening (ER 381) - It is now possible to filter lists within schemas and to allow multiple distinct filters.
  • Logout Issues (12566205/12632016) - Under specific conditions when using AppViewer and IBM WebSphere may cause the logout functionality to fail. This has been resolved.
  • Schema Changes for UI Map Creation (ER 374) - Additional tags and elements have been added to the schema definition language to allow for UI based sectioning of the schema, UI Map fragments to include complex javascript/HTML and supporting UI Hints for dropdowns.
  • Lifecycle Business Object Changes (12705234) - A set of miscellanous fixes to ensure the business object summary zone displays correctly in the browser.

The group fix includes a release note outlining more than the above and individual product fix documents (PFD's) for these enhancements as well as other bugs delivered with the product.

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