ENMAX Energy and Opower are teaming up to elevate the customer experience in Canada

From mobile banking to online dating, almost every industry on earth is using software to make its customer experience more personalized, more immediate, and more convenient than ever before. And there’s a wealth of data confirming that homes and businesses expect the same level of service from their energy providers. Leading companies are stepping up to deliver. Last month, ENMAX Energy, an innovative provider in Canada, announced that it selected Opower to improve and expand customer engagement as part of its My Energy IQ™ program. “We invested in My Energy IQ because we listened. We listened to our customers,” said ENMAX President and CEO Gianna Manes at a launch event. “People have questions about their energy bill, their consumption… and more importantly what they can do about it.” That’s why Opower and ENMAX are partnering to deliver our NextWeb platform, Home Energy Reports, and other tools that will give Albertans more control over their energy use and insights that make it easy to save money on their monthly bills. When Alex Laskey, President and Cofounder of Opower, took the stage at the announcement event, he tied ENMAX’s investment to a broader transformation that’s sweeping through the global economy. “Companies like Uber, Airbnb — they’re using software to do the same thing. Not to produce more products, but to change the way we consume them. That’s what economic innovation looks like in the 21st century. Software platforms are making it possible to get more value out of the things we already make and the resources we already have.”
"We’re using technology to get more value and better service out of the assets we already own."
Alex continued: “With My Energy IQ, ENMAX is equipping customers with the tools to understand how they use energy, and how much, and when. Just like Uber and Airbnb are helping people get more value out of spare cars and empty rooms, ENMAX is people get more value out of the grid." Alex explains the behavioral science behind My Energy IQ™. “That’s good for customers. That’s good for the planet. And it’s good for ENMAX, which will continue positioning itself as a utility of the future — one that’s agile and innovative, and harnessing technology to thrive in a changing energy landscape.”


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