Employee Spotlight: Abhishek Chandrasekhar, come on down!

Abhishek Chandrasekhar is a Professional Services Engineer in Opower's San Francisco office. In his role, he works to ensure that Opower delivers the best possible products and solutions for our utility partners.

What do you do at Opower?

My teammates and I are responsible for implementing Opower's products and services -- including home energy reports, customer engagement campaigns, and behavioral demand response -- for our utility partners around the world. We configure, maintain, and deploy a rapidly expanding and ever-improving suite of offerings for our clients.

What are you and your team up to?

We work closely with our utility partners to generate key metrics and detailed results from their Home Energy Report programs -- such as how many reports each customer has received, how many customers have enrolled to receive email reports, and how much energy savings their customers have achieved. Our team is currently building up an automated reporting solution that will be able to deliver on-demand reports to our partners and provide a framework to scale the number of reporting options. This will enable our partners to request more varied types of reports, as well as have these requests fulfilled promptly and effectively.

What's the best thing about the Professional Services engineering team?

It provides the best of two worlds. The role is client-facing enough to where we’re able to keep up with what’s going on with upcoming projects, Opower’s business strategy, and the general state of the energy efficiency industry. At the same time, the role is development-focused enough to have the chance to work with our IT infrastructure and software products on a detailed level.

What are you doing outside work to be energy efficient?

Other than that, I try as much as I can to bike to work and I’m very conscious about leaving the water running unnecessarily or leaving the lights on in rooms that aren’t being used. With the poor insulation that lines most of the homes in San Francisco, heating is also quite inefficient. So, it’s a constant effort to remember to turn off the heating and other appliances when not needed.

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