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The web is 30: Is your data vision clouded or clear today?

The Internet is 30. Where has the time gone? Remember when data wasn't in a darn thing? Now it's in everything.

Once upon a time just a few years into that digital-everywhere journey,  smart meters were going to change the world.

They were going to change the game, and it was all going to be oh-so-very sweet. They were going to bring us all this data to work with. That was the goal. That was the sweet spot. And then, unfortunately, well, they brought us all this data to work with: daily data, hourly data, 15-minute interval data.

There was too much. It was overload. We had a tiny spot in which to cram a mountain of data. Think of that old “I Love Lucy” episode where she works in the candy factory. The candy comes down the conveyor belt and, at first, all is dandy. She’s doing her job: packing away the candy neatly, simply, even doing a little dance step or two as a flourish. This gig was a breeze. Then the conveyor sped up again and again and again. And each time she got more and more and more candy to deal with in the same small allotment of time and space.

Candy fell over the side. The boxes became overloaded. She stuffed candy into pockets, into her shirt, into her mouth. She was dumping the candy, tossing the candy, eating the candy. It was just all too much to deal with.

It was too sweet of a deal.

Looking at your smart meter work: How much data are you dumping? How much are you tossing? How much are you just “eating,” looking at it as pretty much a loss?

Let’s face it: Legacy systems weren’t mean for this volume at this speed. So, what’s a utility to do? Well, how about investing in a “box” that can accommodate all of your sweet data—at any volume, at any speed? That’s pretty much a description of just what you need, right?

That’s a description of the cloud. Banks have done it. Telecoms have done it. Retail’s done it: They’ve already moved bits of bytes into the cloud. It’s the utility industry’s turn. In fact, most utility executives say they are absolutely going to use the cloud for at least meter data management over the next couple of years.

Why? Because there's no Lucy in this equation. No matter the volume or speed of a meter’s data conveyor belt, the cloud can adjust. Nothing spills. Nothing gets dumped. Let's face it, in this brave new digital world, the cloud reigns, topping the Internet birthday like sprinkles on the cake.

But, facing the shift to the cloud can be a daunting task. We know that. So, we have a few bits and bytes of research you can start with.

First, walk through our cloud pages on the website. From product-specific details to one fun comic book, we've got a lot of content to make you more cloud comfortable. 

Then, read through a vew of our blogs on the subject. You'll find some of our favorites right here:

And find out how you sit in this world of digital planning. The Internet is 30 years old. How old is your digital strategy? Take this simple, easy nine-question assessment and find out just where you stand. (Just click here.)

Finally, keep an eye out for more cloud insights around these parts. More research is always in the works.  


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