Customer-centric Talk to Get Us All to That Better Brilliant Customer-centric Grid

Our concept of the customer-centric grid isn’t just a pretty set of pretty words about how our utility clients can include their own customers in everything they do. We also like to live by the concept ourselves, sitting down with our own customers as often as we can to get feedback, share stories and insights, and get down to the business of building out that future customer-centric grid together.

In that spirit, we kicked off the joy of DistribuTECH 2019 with a special meeting of customers and partners involved with us in the arena of network management.  They came from across the industry and across the U.S. to gather in New Orleans this February. From successful go-lives and demos to a fabulous story of one saved bit of bravado. (We’re saving that story of the saved bit of bravado for the end. So, keep reading.)

The entire room was focused on collaboration and feedback, including a model overview look at data integration and direct DER control and how the entire Oracle software set works together to make network management streamlined and simplified overall.

The talk also included sharing latest releases and visual updates and enhancements. (We admit it. We were showing off a new look and new iconography. We were showboating a bit, but that’s what you do when you’re proud.) There was also a lot of chatter on UX, from business process maps to interaction frameworks to test scenarios and building a user community (just like the one in the room.)

In the end, what we want to accomplish with these sit-downs is a bit of crowdsourcing to make a better product with easier user experiences and improved tools for our own customers (and their customers, too). We want to assist with the heavy data lift, helping sort lots and lots of data into true information that can be put into play faster (and with better, targeted accuracy).

Designing for tomorrow with lessons learned from today’s experience is key, really. And discussions like this one are a good start. We were delighted to be in a room full of smart people willing to share their insights.


And, now, the story of the saved bit of bravado. (It’s a story that warms our hearts.)

The story: One utility was blended into another. Utility #1 were the OGs of a product line for us and had the nice wall plaque to prove it. With the move to bring the two utilities together, there was talk of trashing the ‘90s-era wall plaque. But, no worries, it was saved—and loved—by a team member of the new blended utility. And he now displays it in his house. (Now that’s a fan base we can build on.)


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